Friday, October 21, 2011

... I got a rock

Yesterday, the sun came out. Literally. However, it did figurately, as well, to an extent. We got up bright and early this morning to test drive Scott's route to school, double check about orientation details (they never emailed him - they entered his email address incorrectly) and go for breakfast. Scott's course tuition is in the "are you sure you didn't misplace that comma" range, but we did find out that they will be providing him with an iPad, which is pretty awesome.

It does mean he got a computer and an iPad this week, and I got a rock (please, someone, tell me you get the reference). While Hillary did point out we're married, which means WE got a computer and WE got an iPad (and thus, by extension we must have got a rock). And it should work out well - one of us on the iPad, the other on the computer. However, the iPad is in place of textbooks, and the computer is for school, so theoretically, he'll be using both. At the same time. Leaving me with my rock.

Oh well, I knew he'd wanted an iPad since they came out, and I kept telling him not to waste money on technology he wouldn't need, so I'm really glad he got his iPad, and I got to hold onto our precious precious money. You know, besides the tuition.


  1. Love the bright pink skirt with the black. This is awesome! Yah for the iPad! I have one and it seriously rocks my socks! Heather

  2. Hahahaha, well maybe you can steal his ipad from time to time just to give it a go :)

    Great outfit too! Love the bright pink skirt.

  3. He won't be doing school work on both alll the time, so I'm sure you'll be able to liberate one of them. Love your boots!

  4. Uh... is it a reference to Charlie Brown? (I didn't grow up with it so I can't be sure.)

    That leather jacket is pretty cool. It toughens up the girly pink skirt :)

  5. First off, love the outfit. You have a natural mix of feminine and masculine that's very appealing.

    I got an iPad a few months ago. It's fun. Not as fabulous as I expected but fun. You can't really type on it, though. I bought a separate wireless keyboard from Apple for about $60 which helps. The best thing about the iPad is its small size & weight, making it super-portable. Mine is always with me.

    That said, I'd trade my iPad in an instant to look as cute as you!


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