Monday, October 17, 2011

Maison Monday #5

The Bedroom

We're almost at the end, don't worry!  Today is one of my favourite rooms in the house, and it took a lot of work to get there. We had registered for a bedding set, which looked great in the pictures. No one purchased it for us, so we were waiting until it was on sale, thinking we'd buy it with some gift cards. However, when we got to the store and saw it in person for the first time, it was the ugliest thing we'd ever seen. Despite being labelled as "embroidered" only one detail of the whole pattern was stitched, and the rest was cheaply screen printed. Ugh. We spent 2 days searching for alternatives.

This is, of course, where the infamous "you wouldn't base your outfit around your earrings or shoes, now, would you?" conversation came up, and I bowed to peer pressure and bought solid colour pieces, with the expectation I'd be able to find appropriate matching toss cushions later which would have some magical pattern to tie them all together. It took three weeks of searching for ready-made cushions before I dragged Scott to Fabricland. Three hours later, we emerged with the perfect fabric. As soon as I made the cushions, the room went from being "mismatched" to "harmonious". Of course, we still fight over what order to put the pillows in (I say purple in front, Scott says green), but these are the types of problems that aren't really problems.

We debated on wall art for a while, when this popped up on my pinterest (you'll have to scroll through the blog entry a bit before you see it). I wanted to incorporate the colour (which Scott mixed pretty much perfectly), and while I wanted to do a more paisley print, my puff paint skills were minimal, so we stuck with the original pattern.


  1. Purple and green is so pretty together! You did a great job with the pillows :) I searched for the perfect bed set FOREVER! Finally found what I wanted at TJ Maxx of all places. Heather

  2. Beautiful colour combination- and I love the paisley print- looks great Cara!

  3. Your bedroom is so pretty! I love that you DIY'd so much. Purple and green with splashes of white. It's really nice and airy.

    I've just got a bunch of random pillow cases, a huge ivory comforter and a futon blanket that I thrifted years and years ago on my bed.

  4. love those paintings! such a great color scheme. love purple and green together!!!

  5. Wao, it sounds like this room took a lot of work! It turned out fantastic though, good job!


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