Monday, October 24, 2011

Maison Monday #6

The Closet

We are finally at the last Maison Monday post! I can tell by the (lack of) comments that these aren't everyone's favourite posts, so breathe a sigh of relief, today is at least somewhat related to fashion!!

I originally thought we were losing closet space in the new place. We had two closets in Regina, and only one in Winnipeg. Apparently, I forgot that it was a wall to wall closet, and on a fairly big wall nonetheless. We certainly have lots and lots and lots of room for (Scott's) wardrobe growth.*

One thing I love about the closet is the fact I've got dedicated shoe space. We do have a shoe rack in our front closet, which houses our "day-to-day" shoes, but suddenly I had lots and lots of floor space to contend with in the closet, so I decided to set up my little shoe-shop there! It houses my nice / fancy / professional shoes, so I can have easy access to them when planning outfits. I have all my boots up top, as well, and I will admit I do just open the closet and stare at them lovingly! Of course, it's less fun to stare at this part of the closet when the clothes are actually hanging properly
Our closet "rods" aren't so much closet rods, but little tracks, so my sweater hangar had to be retired. Instead, I rolled this little trolley in. It works adequately well, but since it's in the middle of the closet, and we have sliding doors, it's a little awkward to access while looking at clothes on the other half. I also have my baskets of seasonal clothing on "Scott's side" of the closet, so I get a good work out running back and forth. 

*I would like to note that my clothes do not usually extend this far onto Scott's side of the closet. However, Scott certainly isn't using the full expanse of his side, so rather than photographing a blank wall, I let my clothing cross the centre line. I have a strict one in one out policy now in place, which I'm contemplating upgrading to a 2 in 3 out policy, so I can ensure Scott has nothing but room. So there Mom!


  1. I don't think lack of comments means lack of interest. Sometimes there isn't much to say about things. I know I love these posts. I just am not sure what to say to them other than

    so there. ;)

  2. I agree above, just because you lack comments doesn't mean people aren't interested. I am kind of nosy so I like to see how other people decorate their houses and closets. There are great ideas out there and their might be a functional way to do something I never thought of before. Heather

  3. I love a good organized closet! It's just fabulous!

  4. A personal shoe shop! I love it! :)

    Wow, my closet never looks that organized, haha. I think I need to try the one in one out policy.

  5. I agree with hillary sometimes it's hard to articulate a comment. I love seeing differing posts. These posts make me a wee bit sad since I nearly moved but didn't and I'm ready to decorate my own place. ;P

  6. I am so so so jealous of your closet- it's huge! I share a tiny closet in a tiny one bedroom condo with my man! (I cross the centre line by miles!)

  7. I love your closet and would also just stand in it and look at everything. That's just awesome. :) I think you will find that you have a new burst of creativity from being able to see everything!


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