Monday, October 10, 2011

Maison Monday's #4

The Living Room
I was planning on doing these rooms from least amount of time in them to most amount of time, but how do you really judge whether you spend more time in the living room or bedroom? I certainly sleep in both, watch TV in both... but since I want to end with my closet, for the sake of continuity, here is the living room!

It is slowly coming together. The delivery of the couch & chair certainly helped, since it's hard to plan a room around one of the biggest pieces of furniture that you've never actually seen before. I am beyond thrilled with the couch and chair. I love the couch and chair at my grandparents' house, and this set is a slightly more modern version of it. Since they will always read a little retro to me, we decided (ok, I decided. Poor Scott is often just along for a ride, agreeing or disagreeing piece by piece and never really in on the whole picture) to keep that feeling throughout the room. We wanted grey for the furniture and debated how it would look with our existing entertainment unit, and the minute we paired them together, I immediately saw shades of orange for an accent. Nothing quite says "orange" like the 70s! It also helps that the building we live in is from the 70s as well! I would say this is the least finished room of them all. I still want orange accent panels for the window (it's one part accent, one part function. The measurements on the package for the curtains we bought were wrong), and our poor little coffee table lacks presence.

The pillows I made myself, half of which are from an old 70s cotton bedsheet. The other pillows were inspired by a pillow I'd seen in a decor store in Vancouver,  which had two layers of felt, with the top layer having a series of diamonds cut out (you can see the tree, not the bird one. It needs some work).

The room also houses my office, which will hopefully be more organized once my thesis is complete (I am hiding mounds of paper work in these pictures). It's admittedly a little cramped, but that has to do with the fact the living room also has to triple as a gym, and regardless of what Kinect says the minimum spatial requirements are, add two feet if you don't want to be doing lunges on your couch. I do have the Zoom for Kinect on order, so hopefully I can regain some "office space".


  1. Your pillows are so cute! Love your living room, especially your cool coffee table :)

  2. You have a gorgeous living room! I love the addition of the pumpkins and how they play well with your throw pillows!

    (Btw Happy Thanksgiving!)


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