Monday, October 31, 2011

An outfit to a costume

See this? it's my Halloween costume. Only it hasn't been costumified yet. And yes, I just invented a word. I know, I know, with all the communications positions for which I've been applying, I shouldn't making up words and using sentence fragments on my blog. I should be showcasing my wonderful writing skills, but I haven't slept. In days. I tied up all the lose strings on my thesis before sending it to my adviser, hopefully for the last time. Knowing I can't do anything more and I just have to sit and wait (especially unnerving because we're right at the point where if everything goes well, I don't need to register again for the winter), makes me unbelievably nervous and insanely on edge.

Like this morning. I went to get dressed, and got unbelievably mad at (the absent) Scott for wearing my belt. It's happened once before, and it's really not a big deal, since I have two black belts. Of course, I wasn't thinking very clearly when I found the other one, and continued to be mad that he was wearing the significantly more girly, and thus significantly less likely to be confused for his own, black belt. I still haven't found it, but after I tripped on a still-not-unpacked suitcase (Scott's, though I'll admit mine is just as not-unpacked), I did knock some sense into my head that it's likely missing in the disaster that is our apartment right now, and that I should likely use some of this nervous energy to clean up.

Does anyone else find that their place becomes a disaster whenever they are slightly psychologically unbalanced? No? Just me? That's ok, I think I'll embrace my freak flag today, attempt to at least make the place liveable for the time being, and then go all crazy cleaning lady on it when I've had some sleep.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see how this outfit becomes a costume!! Any guesses?


  1. My guess is a cowgirl?

    Actually, I kind of know what you are going through. With my insanely busy schedule, 2 kids, a husband and a dog, my house can look like a tornado went through in a small amount of time. I can only handle it for a short time, then I go all crazy cleaning lady on the house!

    Happy Halloween! Heather

  2. I work from home a few days a week and I become unhinged when the house is a mess. I tidy Saturday morning, Monday and thrusday night, picking up the same stuff over and over...I cant function in a mess, it makes me husband thinks I'm nuts, he can ignore all kinds of junk

  3. Not just you! Having a too much stuff out of place realllly bothers me. I have a box in the floor right now and it's driving me nuts. Can't wait to see how you turn this into a costume.

  4. Hmmm... can't imagine what you'll do with that. Show us soon!

  5. Hm... I don't know! A plumber?

  6. I'll guess a Farm girl.

    I wore a similar outfit to yours. Black jeans and belt, but I had an Orange shirt on to match the black jeans for Halloween.

    I can see how your Husband might have mistaken your belt for his. Take away the designs,sequence, or rhinestones, and a basic Women's belt really looks no different than a Man's, and it still would be useful for keeping pants up. That belt your wearing probably could be worn by women as well as men.

  7. Love the subtle costume idea. I had my first Halloween this year (I'm from Jamaica)and I wasn't quite ready to get all costumed, but I had to attend a costume event, so I exercised some creative justice and came up with a haute batwoman get up.
    Next year I may go all out and get a Victorian gown.


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