Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfits and Awards

I know, I've been absent. While I was taking a blogging break, I was awarded the Tell Me About Yourself award by Megan of Megan Mae Daily. The rules are as follows:

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Since I've hinted and commented here and there about what's been going on, I'll do a "7 Random Things That Tell You About my Last Week or Two!"

1. I quit my new job. I am still a full-time student, I didn't enjoy the work, and I didn't think it could lead me anywhere, so I thought it best to leave before they'd invested time and money into training me only to have me leave at the next job offer. Oh, and before I had a nervous breakdown trying to balance school and work. We parted on good terms. Hugs included.

2. My stress levels decreased phenomenally when I quit. However, my anxiety levels are through the roof, constantly feeling like I have to defend my decision, constantly worrying about how to pay rent (which we can, for the record, I just worry and worry and worry). As a result, I've been whiny, clingy, and super annoying (my family will likely attest to that, after having to deal with me all weekend). I've been trying to spare you, thus the massive amount of pre-written content you've been seeing.

3. I went for an interview last week. It didn't go well. It was at the province's largest university, so I knew to arrive with plenty of time to spare. I used every minute of it. I ran in circles for so long that I had to go barefoot due to all the blisters I had. Of course, circles are disorienting, so I got lost. Upon inquiring where "E3 Engineering" was, I was told it hadn't been built (oddly, it's inside E1 Engineering). When I arrived (without enough time to properly prepare myself), I discovered that my skirt was on sideways, my collar had half popped and my face was beat red from hoofing it across campus. Needless to say, I didn't have the energy to give the interview my A-game. I was not surprised when I heard back that I didn't get the job. In fact, I would have judged them if they had hired me.

4. I watch tv to help me fall asleep. Lately, it's been Arrested Development, which is almost a foolproof option for me. However, one night the aforementioned anxiety was keeping me up, and I saw an episode which I swear I'd never seen before, despite having watched the series multiple times, including a number of times where I wasn't intending on it putting me to sleep.

5. Our new couch and chair arrived (almost a month late), and I've used them surprisingly infrequently. I've never had a new couch. I've never had to be the one to break it in. I am certain I'll cry the first time I spill something on it. For now, I sit on the floor beside it, gazing admiringly from a safe distance.

6. I cannot, for the life of me, pick a lipstick colour that works on me. Here's photo evidence that I go too intense... either too red, too dark, or too pink. After the latest failure (the pink one), I decided it's nature's way of telling me my natural lip colour is ideal.

7. The best and worst decision of the week so far has been the accidental Sunday afternoon nap I took in the spare room. I enjoyed every minute of it, I likely needed it, given the fact I've averaged about 5 hours a night, over a period of 8 hours, for the last 2 weeks, but trying to do anything afterwards was like trying to fight gravity.

And if you made it to the end, congratulations! I award you with the award, as well!

Your other reward is yesterday's outfit. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know my sweater is on inside out. Sigh. We're back to surprisingly warm temperatures, making it difficult to dress. Since my jeans were in the laundry, I thought maybe cords would be appropriate. Not at 26 degrees!


  1. Oh, Cara, I'm sorry. About the job and everything else that's stressing you. I'm sure you made the right decision. Don't feel any need to justify yourself; trust your instinct.

    And sit on the couch! Enjoy it.

  2. That is a lot of stuff going on. I think that jobs are the one place that you can be selfish. If it doesn't suit you and your lifestyle then get out before it sucks out your soul. That is brave for following what you knew to be right. And, hey, at least you have the couch to look at for peace and calm? Everything will work out! I believe in you!

  3. have a lot going on! i hope your life gets less stressful and/or anxiety-ridden! on a lighter note...have you ever tried the burt's bees lip balms with a hint of color? i feel the same way about such intense colors, and these make my lips smooth like a chapstick, but add just a touch of color!

  4. WOW! That's a lot going on. You really can't tell your sweater is on inside out! It looks cute tied like that. Sorry to hear about your job, but at least you realized it before you got too far in. Hopefully things work out for you soon!

  5. Sending you lots of e-hugs and support. You'll make it through. I agree with two birds. Try a tinted balm or even go for a lipstain if you want some color that doesn't look totally painted on. I can't wear most lipsticks because it's always too bold.

    And goshdarnit! Sit on that couch. It's there for you.


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