Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I spent the weekend with a variety of weird cold and flu symptoms. Friday, it was a sinus headache and the inability to regulate temperature. Saturday was ear aches. Sunday was a chest cough and body aches. Oh, and still the ear ache, accompanied by some rather annoying dizziness keeping me couch bound for the whole day (even when Scott's friends came over to play D&D, preventing me from escaping for a girl's night as per tradition). However, perhaps being stuck to the couch and being bored out of my mind is sometimes a smart decision, given my refusal to be sick for one more day. Thus, Monday, I got up, I showered, and I got dressed. All without falling down.

Of course, it turns out the worst thing you can do to a heeling body is chase around an 11 month old, giving piggie back rides and stooping to pick up toys. Wow, I'm in pain. It's a good thing I got the bug from the kid, or I'd feel bad for not chasing her around at full speed as usual! Good thing I went for comfortable clothing!!

Of course, I do spoil myself when sick, and perhaps accept a bit too much coddling. Netflix certainly hasn't helped the situation with its constant availability of movies preventing both the napping (which is healing) and the feeling bored (which is heeling). I also fully lost my appetite, so Scott spoiled me with Halloween candy and pizza pops.


  1. Being sick is the worst, but sometimes it's the only time I can actually get some rest! At least you look cute and comfortable when you got dressed! Love your scarf and socks :) Heather

  2. That's a nasty bug that's been going around - I've managed to avoid it so far. Fingers crossed!

    Hope you feel better soon. Great look - the belted jacket is really cute.

  3. Feel better, buddy. We're pulling for ya.

  4. So sorry you've been sick, but you do manage to look very sharp in your casual outfit! Hope you are fully better by now.


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