Thursday, October 20, 2011

When you feel like a loser, dress like a winner

Yesterday was full of fail, and thus by extension, tears and frustration. It's a weekly occurrence now, but it's just as heartbreaking, or perhaps even more so, at that frequency. It's frustrating that there isn't a word for that space between "success" and "failure" which I'm insisting exists, because that's where I must be stuck. After a morning of sulky (and still being sick) and a good portion of the afternoon feeling sorry for myself, I got dressed. I can't say it helped, but it did allow me to leave the house.


  1. My motto is "When you feel like crap, dress up" or wear bright lipstick! It really does make you feel a little better. Love your red and navy combo! Hope you are feeling better soon :)


  2. I'm sorry for your rough times. We all go through them. When you're ill, that makes it even harder.

    Remember that there are many of us loyal readers and friends out here who love you! We're cheering you on in the difficult race of life.

  3. Sometimes it just takes putting one foot in front of the other and getting a move on. I'm sorry to hear you're sick, I hope you're taking it easy. Pushing yourself and being stressed out definitely won't help a sick body.

    Sometimes success and failure is only about how you define it and let those successes/failures affect you. Things will work out if you work with the advantages and disadvantages on hand.

  4. I hope things get better for you! Sometimes we have to go through the crap in order to get to the good part? Hopefully soon!


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