Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And that's why my pants fit 6 months of the year!

I spent a lot of time waiting for buses today, so when I finally got home (after some weird long delay on my bus ride), I had a bit of chill. While I certainly had an urge to crawl into pajamas and cover myself in blankets, I knew I had to go shopping. I slipped jeans over the tights I was wearing and had a revelation.

My body weight doesn't rapidly or randomly fluctuate. The reason why my pants fit for 6 months and then don't fit for the next 6 months i because I spend the winter layering them over tights.



  1. ha ha! That's funny. My pants usually don't fit 6 months out of the year, because I always gain weight in the winter from being lazy. I wish I could say it was the tights :)


  2. That's hilarious! I love that you figured it out.

    Great pattern with brights in this outfit, Cara!

  3. Ha, that's funny! At least it's not because you're gaining weight! lol

  4. Hooray for deer sweater!

    Sounds like you need "winter pants". My mom has a number of pairs of really big pants that she layers tights and long johns under (she works outside year round) so she has nearly two different wardrobes.

    My weight doesn't fluctuate much unless I'm sick/really stressed and then I tend to just lose it really fast and go right back to my regular weight.


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