Friday, November 4, 2011

Breakfast to Job fair in One Quick Switch

It's not often that I'm double booked. By double booked, of course, I mean having to do two things in one day, not necessarily the same time. A friend was in town, so four of us met up for breakfast. Of course, I also had to make an appearance at a job fair. Trying to balance going to an organic restaurant in a trendy neighbourhood (Fresh in Corydon, for those of you who live in Winnipeg) with a chic Torontonian, a preppy but fashionable retail manager, and (she will yell at me for calling her) a hipster and going to a job fair interacting with prominent local businesses and professional associations was not easy. When I was outfit planning, I came out in my power suit with splashes of colour, and Scott said: "Jill will laugh at you". Next I came out in flowy numbers and Scott said: "Even I can't take you seriously". Finally, I went with the cursed eShakti dress(whose first venture ended in a broken zipper, and whose second venture was to a funeral). With a casual cotton cardi for brunch, and a structured jacket for networking, I thought the balance worked well.

Unfortunately, the majority of jobs were more trade related, and I am not one to work well with my hands. It certainly appeals to me from a financial standpoint (there are always jobs out there in many of these trades) and not a personal interest standpoint. However, with a couple helpful tips from some crown corporations (ignore your career counselor: companies do consider unsolicited, open applications even before posting a job), it was certainly worth the few minutes of my time.

Plus, I always give myself a treat whenever I do something outside my comfort zone, like job interviews and career fairs: I checked out a different thrift store. I walked out with some tupperware (just like my mom's for storing crackers! Woohoo!), a wool acordian pleat skirt and a (faux) silk tie neck blouse with flutter sleeves. Plus, every second sweater I picked up had fabulous words like "wool" or "angora" or "cashmere". Too bad none of them fit, because at $2.99, they'd have been a steal! I'm thinking of doing a Thrifting Post or an In and Out post soon, so stay tuned!


  1. You look beautiful Cara- I love the ruffled top of the dress. Glad to hear the job fair went well-those are always stressful so kudos for braving it! I'm loving your redesign-what a great colour blocking outfit!

  2. I like your new header. And it's good to treat yourself when you brave a new experience.

  3. You did a great job transitioning your outfit. This is a great dress obviously (even with the broken zipper). Have a great weekend!

  4. That dress worked out great if you ask me. It looks like a suit in the second outfit. Congrats on the thrifting deals!

    I know what you mean about trade jobs. I wish I had an interest in something practical like being an electrictrian or engineer. There's a big gap of trade work jobs here in the US. I'm determined to get my degree before deciding to do anything else though.

  5. I love the new layout! Makes me miss the prairies! The dress works perfectly for both occasions!

  6. Oj bardzo ładnie, bardzo ładnie :)


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