Monday, November 7, 2011

Casual Compendium

I have a very sleepy Scott curled up next to me on the couch tonight, which is a pretty perfect way to end a lonely weekend. The number of weekends left of him working and finishing school projects are limited (his course is quite intensive so he had to give his notice at work in order to keep up in the classroom), but this weekend seemed extra lonely, as winter is definitely sending it's cold breath down our necks.

Saturday, I reached for warm knits to ease the strain on my aging car's heating system as I drove into the armpit of the city from the sprawling suburbs. There are many areas of the city which are beautiful and unique in their own way, there is just one route through the city which is both ugly and congested, particularly on a Saturday, especially when it's 70 minutes, roundtrip. Fortunately, this wool skirt is super comfortable. I found it at Value Village on Thursday. It's by Rodier, and based on my research, I'm guessing it's from the mid-80s, when the brand - which originated in France in 1852. Jacques Rodier even provided CoCo Channel with jersey knit which launched her line into fame. According to an eBay auction, it appears that this skirt was originally sold with a wool mock neck sweater. I'll consider it a good deal at $6. 

Sunday was spent dreaming up craft and sewing projects, and then fighting my way through the remnant and clearance bins. It's horrible curse, this imagination. I'm now undertaking a fairly large scale project with a short deadline and without any patterns. Apparently these boots were a go-to this weekend, but their comfort-level is perfect for the lazy days!


  1. Love your scarf with your black top and boots! What a bargain on the red skirt too. Stay warm :)

  2. The red skirt sounds like a superb deal. I love researching brands that are thrifted. Sometimes you find out you get some real gems. I love how you wore that scarf.

    Also I like your new fireplace decor. The bottles are very cute.

  3. That red skirt looks great on you! For once, my man and I spent the whole weekend together and it was such a treat! Hopefully you'll have more time with Scott once he's done his course!


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