Monday, November 21, 2011

Casual Compendium

Saturday was a funny day. I really expected to be busier. It started off that way - I had to rush out the door to have coffee with a friend (another one where we see each other sporadically, but it's like we talk on a daily basis. This guy is one of the reasons I decided not to teach: I will never be able to match the enthusiasm he has for his profession and his students. Students deserve a teacher like him). Then, (I thought*) I had to rush out the door to my great-aunt's 90th Birthday. Since the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in 24 hours, and we got a few inches of snow, I knew I'd be cozy in warm in a wool skirt, worn with boots and slouched socks for lattes, with ballet flats and a cardigan for tea.

*I totally forgot that since I was going I was going with my sister, it wouldn't be so rushed, as she runs on "Debbie Time." I hung a new organizer for our winter scarves/toques/mitts, tidied up our storage closet, caught up on the horrible games I plan on the iPad, and read a few blogs before she called to say she was on her way.

Sunday, we went to my niece's first birthday party. For a kid that doesn't like cake, she's pretty sweet, so it was a lot of fun. I made her a set of dress up clothes - tutus, aprons, animal ears, capes. I think her cousins were closer to the age to use them, but she'll always get older!

So that was my weekend! This week, I'm meeting with a hiring agency, having an all-day playdate with my niece, and maybe even having friends over this weekend. What are you up to?


  1. Red is such a great accent color. All these outfits look nice. I love the red sweater.

    Glad to hear you're busy with life. I'm surprised to hear you have snow already. We're a month or two away from that.

  2. Love both outfits! How cool that you made dress up clothes for your niece. Those are some of the best gifts to express imagination. I bet she will have a blast (when she gets older,lol).


  3. Great way to make the most out of 1 outfit - love the simple changes!


  4. I love the red - glad you had a great weekend.

  5. Both looks are so great! I love that skirt, and I'm sure it'll be a major remix piece. The red sweater also looks very snuggly.

    Students really do deserve teachers who are enthusiastic, not only about their subject, but just pure teaching as well. I've never had better teachers than those who truly wanted their students to learn and experience.

    Also you're welcome to keep your snow. We're only having rain and more rain and it's miserable enough. I'm considering a sunlamp.

  6. That sounds like such a nice family-filled weekend! My niece just had her first birthday too-such an adorable age! I love you in red-you look amazing!


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