Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An occassion to dress

Having a post go live the same day you are wearing the outfit is hard. How did I do this before? Yesterday was my niece's first birthday, and while I didn't spend enough time with her to warrant a play-ready outfit, she was over at my house, meaning I needed to clean and babyproof in a hurry. Getting dressed meant finding two articles of clothing that would be adequately warm in our icebox of an apartment. As a result, I lost my beloved 24 hour delay for today's post. Fortunately, we have a busy weekend coming up, so I will have no problem regaining my beloved delay.

I've been trying to reduce my reliance on jeans. Yesterday, I managed to get pumpkin goo all down my comfiest pair of jeans, so that certainly should help until laundry day (I average laundry once every 3-4 weeks. Usually closer to 4, if I'm being honest. I own a lot of underwear). However, I'm spending more and more time alone with just me, and with that white stuff on the ground, it's harder and harder to convince myself to leave bed in the morning, let alone get out of my pajamas and into "outfits". Fortunately, my sister wanted to shoe shop, which is an occasion which demands an outfit. 


  1. Love this look! I posted an outfit today with my denim blazer too. The red belt is a great pop of color. And you have snow? Oh my gosh, BRRR! Heather

  2. Cute outfit! Love the red belt Cara.

  3. God, I wish I was you. I do laundry at least twice a week. I'd be able to go longer, but then things start spilling over our hamper and the dirty stuff has no where to go.

    Go your sister for dragging you out. Sometimes you need someone to help pull you along. Love your jean jacket. Did you find any shoe goodies?


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