Monday, November 14, 2011

The Importance of Being Prepared

I realize that this post is going to feel similar to my Staples for a New Mom / College Bound Kid / Weekend Warrior, but I recently learned that one of my readers out there does not heed my advice about what staples she should own. Sadly, this reader is my own sister.

You see, we were at our parents' this weekend for the annual perogy cook-up, and once we had used up every last cup of flour, every last potato and every last ounce of energy, we decided to go for a walk. I threw on my white hoodie, my leather jacket, my black and white cowl, my black riding boots and my wine colour mitts (gotta add colour somewhere) and felt ready to conquer any length of walk, from a quick stroll around the block to a full couple of hour hike through the city. "Ah yes," I thought, "I packed appropriately for this trip".

My sister ran frantically around the house. She'd brought only a pair of heels. And a jacket that made her feel "schlumpy". And no mitts. While my mother was gracious enough to lend her both shoes and mitts, she complained all the way down the driveway about how awful she looked. I got so frustrated, I gave her my jacket. And my hoodie. And my mitts. And my cowl. (I kept the boots. Mom's shoes will be headed to the nearest garbage as soon as we can convince her they are too orthopedic-looking for her taste). Sure, I ended up looking like a schlub, but it certainly made for a quieter walk.

The issue at hand? Why buy sneakers when there are so many cool heels out there? The answer is: "Practicality". There are times in life when a sneaker is just necessary. Fortunately, we live in an age where sneakers have just as much personality as a pair of heels. While I have a modest selection of sneakers, here are some of my favourites from around the web!


Can you go wrong with Toms? From vegan options, to the one for one program, which donates shoes to children in need, this company has heart. And style.
Pictured: University Red Rope Sole (Women's Classics) 54USD


Sketchers may be marketing their Shape Ups like crazy right now, but they also have a program almost identical to Toms One for One for the shoes which are almost identical as well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Sure these aren't traditional sneakers, but the button and the rope on these are adorable!
Pictured: Women's Bobs - Contribute 40USD


Aldo is a household name for shoes in Canada, so why people don't peruse the sneaker collection when they go in to get their boots or heels is beyond me. I love the buckle that wraps around the heel of these houndstooth sneakers!
Pictured: Aeillo -19.98CAD


I can still remember my dad's vintage converse chucks sitting on our shoeshelf as a kid. While my mother threw them out, the Converse memory is strong! These shoes have an awesome sheen to them.
Pictured: All-Star Candy Metallics - 60USD

So whether your last memory of sneakers was velcro-straps or traumatic memories of tennis lessons, revisit the idea of a sneaker. There's a lot of style out there!


  1. I am not a sneaker type of girl, BUT I do own a pair of Chuck Taylors in black. The TOMS are super cute though, so I may have to put those on my wishlist to Santa this year :) Heather

  2. Ofcourse, I'm in love the priciest pair. Those purple chucks are gorg! My first pair of chucks ten years ago were purple. I still own one pair of chucks and one pair of "vans". Sneakers are highly important. I don't wear them everyday, but heels aren't always appropriate.

  3. For style, I'm a big fan of Vans. Their selection is wide and fashionable. Plus, my first part were so comfortable and wore so well I just bought a second pair.


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