Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Remember my Ms. Frizzle costume from 2009? I brought the skirt suit back from my parents' place this weekend with the intention to breaking it up and integrating it into my wardrobe. You know, that thing Stacy and Clinton don't like us to do. My mother was dubious about the skirt, and down right insistent that the top was just too much. Once again, I took my mother's opinion as a challenge.

It's kind of odd that I defy my mother's fashion advice, but I found myself, all weekend, desperately seeking my parents' approval of my employment strategy. Of course, I didn't come out and ask: "is this a practical idea?" or "should I not be so quick to jump to these resources" or "what would you recommend" so they didn't offer up any meaningful commentary besides the usual comments of support. I can't quite figure out why I am suddenly lacking my usual independent streak. Perhaps because this new venture of "career" is outside my usual frame of reference.

So what do you think? Of course, I do mostly mean of the shirt (too weird? too awesome?), but any job advice you have, well, I'm in no position to disregard it!


  1. I like this top. The color is very pretty with the minty green and florals. The boots and belt tie it all together. It would also look cute with a cardigan, maybe in orange? Heather

  2. Love this outfit, Cara. The blouse is really nice.

  3. no stacy and clinton encourage breaking up a suit and getting more use out of it! I don't think the shirt is in the least bit wild. I could see wearing it to work under a blazer easy!

  4. I really like the top that you are wearing. It is different, which is part of its beauty.

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  5. I don't think the top is too much at all. Very nice print, actually!

    (Funny, on Halloween my friends and I were discussing dressing up as the entire cast of The Magic School Bus. I, of course, got typecast as Wanda :P)

  6. I'm on the fence about the top. Maybe with a cardigan? My brain may be affect by the mint color which, for me, is usually more summery. Give it a few remixes before deciding I think.

    As for the career thing, ugh... I'm finally just now talking to an advisor and I'm really stumped on what to do. I'm considering a bachelor's program available through the school I'm going to which would take a rigorous 18 months (after I get my associates), but I'm not even sure where I'm hoping to come out at the end. I think it is important to weigh in with your family, but ultimately, we are the ones who are "supposed" to make our decisions. It's a difficult, difficult thing!


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