Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love my little niece more than I love this blog. Since I knew I was going to be spending the afternoon with her, I didn't put on blog-worthy clothes. I put on fun, bright, comfortable clothes, randomly layering as I went. I ended up wearing an outfit I used to wear all the time on the blog, so really, no point in photographing it when I can just link it!

To give you some photographic love, today, I did take a picture of my lunch. Mmmm.... yellow curry with chicken and rice! In case you don't follow me on Pinterest, the recipe can be found here. I found it didn't have enough coconut flavour and sweetness, so I'll work on tweeking that to my liking. A few weeks ago, my sister kept saying: "come over and watch the hockey game with me, and I'll order Thai!" and every time I expressed and interest, she'd say something like: "oh, I had Chinese last night, I can't do take out twice in a row" or some other lame excuse, so I finally got frustrated and found myself a recipe to satisfy my own craving. For curry, not for hockey. I could live without that. Both Scott and I have been finding recipes lately that we like, and are working on tweaking until we love! Not only is it cheaper than going out, it also allows us to try new and different things!


  1. That chicken curry looks so yummy! Now that it's getting colder out I get all domesticated and start experimenting with new recipes too.


  2. Mmm that sounds delicious. I don't think I've ever eaten Thai/Thai curries. I'm definitely digging into new recipes too. Crockpotting mostly, but last night I made homemade potato soup (sub in a finely chopped sweet potato for one of the normal ones for a "fall flavor" and added vitamins) and ham and cheddar/chicken and Monterrey jack pinwheels. Delish!

    I turn into such a foodie when it gets cold.

  3. Wow... I don't love ANYONE more than I love my blog! :)

  4. Mmm even though I don't eat chicken this looks delicious (I could prob substitute the chicken for tofu!) I like your casual look that you used to rock on the blog and I didn't know you were a copy editor- I've been recently looking into that...


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