Monday, November 28, 2011

Nerves set in

I know that for most, there is a little voice in the back of their head saying: "'bout time you started working, girly," and while you certainly are right, getting a job, scratch that, a career has turned into a terrifying prospect. After 13 years in the public school system, and 9 1/2 years in post-secondary, I have always been able to identify myself, first and foremost as "Cara, student". Suddenly, it's time to remove that tag from my name. I did spend the first two days after being hired paralyzed in fear. Despite the mass amounts of websites dedicated to easing the transition into university, there are very few sites even mentioning the quarter-life crisis that results from what is, essentially, a drastic transformation of your identity.
I spent the weekend essentially growing up. I'll admit, I maybe started Friday off by regressing a touch. Nothing characterizes childhood more than scraping your knees. Yes, I fell victim to the walk-and-text at the city's busiest intersection, scraping two knees, skinning one palm and bruising my dignity. I suppose there is a not-often recognized benefit to thrifting most of your clothes: when the knees get torn out of your skinny jeans, you can shrug and say: "Oh well - only $9.99".

Saturday, I replaced those $9.99 pants with $11.00 pants from Forever 21. They're thinner, stretchier (which is a bad thing in my opinion) and likely would tear much worse in a similar accident, but they will do until I find another quality pair at Value Village. Hanging out in the mall followed by an evening of babysitting, I certainly hit my teenage years again.

Sunday was spent sleeping in, playing those horridly addicting games on the iPad and finally doing the laundry that had piled up over the last month while wearing my jammies. Indeed, I think I not only hit my university age this weekend, but tired of it quickly, feeling a little sick after my pizza pop lunch, and tired, after attempting to match up stray socks. A reasonably bedtime with an alarm clock set actually makes me feel like I am indeed old enough to start a career.


  1. Sorry about your jeans (and your knees). Just like anything new in life, it's hard for change. You will find something soon! Love your pink and purple combo :)

  2. How exciting though! Right? Life changes are tough, but usually good. Love your purple and red combo too! If you still have the jeans you can make them "distressed" skinnies and still be able to get some wear in.:)

  3. Haha that's funny! I occasionally wish for a totally lazy stress free day and when I get one, I quickly get bored and miss the crazy kids. lol I love your lacy pink top!

  4. Yipes! Sorry to hear about your knees. And your jeans. Don't throw 'em out! Get some fun knee patches or just wear 'em as beat up jeans.

    Growing up is hard. I feel like we should receive better lessons in "being a future grown up" rather than always being treated like kids. There's a whole lot no one tells you. Anyway wishing you luck on the job!

  5. That knees picture is funny and sad! Growing up is tricky especially when you have to change how you think about yourself. Good luck with the job!


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