Friday, November 18, 2011

An Ode

For years did I follow your blog so dear.
It did inspire and wake in me the dream
To change my style of dress and post it here;
Yet still your blog of clothes I found supreme.
But years pass by and with it went the time.
As days turn cold and night turns dark, a sign
Of things to come that part my path to you.
The memories I hold so close, sublime
Your posts may be, no more do we align,
So best of luck as we continue through*.

I check my reader probably twice a day -- first thing in the morning, and right after supper -- unless I get bored in between. Lately, I've been finding that I've been skimming over a few blogs at each sitting. While sometimes, it's a case of not being interested in that specific day's content for that blogger, I've been finding that some of the blogs I held near and dear early in my blogging career just don't challenge and inspire me the way they used to. It's not simply an issue that their content has gone stale, but that my personal outfit goals have changed so their blog is not immediately relevant. Even when these are blogs where I haven't developed a personal relationship with the writer, I feel so guilty when I consider removing them from my blog roll. I know I get a little down when I see my blog followers go down, rather than up (or remaining stagnant as mine tend to do).

I don't like starting my day with guilt rather than inspiration. As a result, this weekend, I'm going to carve out some time (somewhere - good grief, for an unemployed bum I certainly keep a busy schedule) and really evaluate who I'm reading, why I'm reading them, and what value their blog has to my life and my style. If you're stumbling upon this post because you've discovered I've stopped following you, I am truly sorry. It's not that your blog isn't great, it must be, if I chose to follow it in the beginning, it's simply that we've grown apart. I can only hope that our paths will cross again as we grow and evolve in our lives and in our closets.

*Cassidy, my apologies to you. It's been probably a decade since I've played with structured poetry. Writing this reminded me why I've stayed away for so long.


  1. Good for you. As we grow older and change, it's ok to let go of things that aren't inspiring to us. It's kind of like growing apart in relationships. I liked your poem too :) Heather

  2. Haha love the poem (and the outfit!) I totally want to buy some knits this season... just bought new winter boots yesterday, which were needed but I'm not totally in love with :S

  3. I think it's always a good thing to evaluate why you're reading a blog. I feel bad and do the guilt dance everytime I remove a blog, but I have to realize if I bogged myself down everyday with blogs that aren't inspiring to me, or friends who I'm watching grow in their styles - I wouldn't have time to meet new people and blogs that are more geared to my reason for blogging in the first place.

    Cute knit top, it's got a missoni look to it.

  4. Must be the fall...been feeling some re-evaluation myself-just want to change my whole blog around. change and evolution is good.

  5. That makes absolute sense. I feel the same way sometimes. I think that as we move and grow as whole people we will need and appreciate other things. And who knows? Those blogs you choose not to follow any more may come around to be favourites again. Anything is possible. I have a friend who says that life comes around in seasons. Sometimes the season is long, sometimes short and sometimes comes around again. Also that sweater looks so cozy! (I sort of miss being able to wear sweaters. Yesterday I got a sunburn!)

  6. I feel the same way - I've removed some blogs from my reader simply because they're not applicable to my style/taste anymore. There's no need to feel bad about it. We all evolve and change. Your poem is lovely though (as is your sweater!)

  7. I like your poem-it's sassy and cute (just like you!) Hahaa I'm only part-time employed but like you I feel like it's go-go-go non-stop! (Probably trying to fill the space where full time jobs used to be!) If something (or someone) is no longer inspiring, time to move on. I love your outfit here-great patterns!

  8. Don't worry, what you're writing is completely reasonable and I believe it happens to all of us. I remember being OBSESSED with certain blogs when I first started blogging, and now I don't follow them anymore... They still have great style and great posts, but MY style has changed and evolved into something else. So don't feel guilty, we all understand :)

  9. Here is a question. How would someone know you stopped following them?


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