Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today, I'm attending a career fair. It's always difficult to judge just how to prepare materials for meeting companies, especially when there was little to no information as to who would be there and for what would they be hiring. To make it more complicated, as you can remember, I've played around with adding my blog to my resume, and ultimately decided it's a case by case decision. The solution seemed obvious, but somewhat time consuming. I needed to have a standard resume and cover letter not specifically mentioning the blog (but mentioning an interest in social media, since that is a huge buzz word around the job scene these days). I would also need to have something to pass around, in case the blog became apparent as an asset for a particular position or company. The easy answer? Business cards.

No big deal. I've been using a standard image for all my blog related avatars. I could easily develop a business card with the same image, font and colour scheme. I set to work, only to realize that I created it on Scott's brother's computer (which Scott had been borrowing for the last year), which is all boxed up ready to be returned to Andrew.

No big deal. I could quickly throw together a new one using Scott's new computer with some fancy pants Photoshop, or one of the awesome little apps he has on his new iPad. Unfortunately, he was installing iOS 5 on the iPad, through his computer.

No big deal? Now I'm designing a whole new image for my brand, on a netbook who is starting to feel a little bogged down from the limited photo editing I already do on it! However, once the business cards were made, redesigning a header and a colour scheme were easy peasy. So if you're checking me out through a reader, make sure you click over to the blog itself and take a look! And I'm looking for feedback - especially about the size and layout. It's hard to tell what they look like in the real world when you design them on an itty bitty screen!

Coincidentally, this post about the blog redesign marks my 600th post! I swear my 500th was just a few weeks ago! I could mark this momentous occasion with a giveaway, but I'm holding out for doing that when I read 100 followers through Google Friend Connect (see my sidebar!). So if you're following through another reader, when you stop by to check out the redesign, be sure to follow me through GFC!

You've seen the digital content, but here is a picture of me on paper!
(Minus my name, which I'm really only ok with seeing in print. I have the illusion none of you know my full name. Ha!)


  1. Love your new design! Good luck at the job fair :)

  2. I like the blog redesign (great colours), and your business cards look great!

  3. Love the redesign! I really really need to get some business cards made for my blog. Goodluck on the job hunt!


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