Friday, November 11, 2011

Tradition! Tradition!... Tradition!

If you didn't immediately read that title in a singing voice à la Fiddler On the Roof, stop reading and go get yourself cultured. Or just Youtube the song. I like this Lego stop motion video.

Now, this post isn't exclusively about my Russian background. It's also about my Ukrainian background. The one thing I know that combines these two Slavic backgrounds is perogies. If there is any better reason to celebrate your heritage than perogies, let me know, and I'll tell you that you're wrong. Perogies are where it's at.

Every year, my parents get up at the crack of dawn on Remembrance Day to make perogies. Usually, I'd make my required one batch of dough (if you want to snag a few bags for yourself, you do have to do something for them), and then retreat to the basement to do homework. However, this year, I find myself wonderfully free... to play with my niece while everyone else works oh so very hard! I really doubt that anyone expects very much from me, I like to keep the bar low. I'd post pictures, but apparently I'm the only extrovert in the family that lets my face surface on the internet.

It's doubly exciting since this may end up being the first time that my whole family has been at my parents at the same time (Scott - if you don't make it out today, it's ok, homework is important. I'll miss you, and bring home extra bags of yumminess!).

Also, I'm contemplating doing some vlogs - any suggestions for subjects?


  1. I love perogies! You should definitely do a vlog. How about a DIY post or maybe a tour of your closet? Love your outfit too! Heather

  2. Mmmm perogies. I've only had premade ones, and I can only imagine how incredible homemade ones must taste. Oh, Cara, what you're doing to my food cravings!

    Do you have a favorite place/walk or commute? I like when people show around their towns/cities. I rarely ever get to travel so it's like getting shown around town by a friend.

  3. I've never had perogies :( They're sort of like pot stickers, right?

    Love the cowl, btw. And your make-up looks great too - that shade of lipstick is really pretty.

  4. I've never had perogies, they sound good though!

    Great outfit too! Love the classic black and white. Love how you added a twist with the scarf, very chic :)

  5. Perogies are the best thing of life. I could eat them everyday. I might have scurvy but I'd be happy.


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