Thursday, November 24, 2011

What does a copywriter wear?

Apparently this! I had a job interview yesterday for a web design company looking for a copywriter. I had a dickens of a time figuring out what to wear. Finally, I grabbed a red pair of socks Scott had used for his Zoidberg costume, cut off the toes, and faked that they were knee socks, adding that final touch the outfit needed.

Turns out you really should never take any shortcuts. I arrived to find a big sign instructing me to take off my shoes before I entered. Let me tell you what doesn't look good: fake knee socks WITHOUT boots.

It's going to be bizarre designing work outfits WITHOUT considering shoes. Sure, I can wear the outfits that I didn't quite have the right shoes for without worry, but now I feel that I have to bring it with my socks. Seriously, how does a girl with over 50 pairs of shoes end up working for a company that doesn't wear them?


  1. Hhahahahaha I can't believe you had to take your shoes off!!! Hahahaha, how unfortunate! I'm sorry about the no-wearing-shoes rule... You look great in this outfit though! Loving the pops of red.

  2. I have never heard of a workplace that bans shoes. Homes, yes, but never a business. How odd. I can't even imagine what their reason is.

  3. That is so weird - I've never heard of a company that makes you take your shoes off! Maybe you can ask if they'll relax it if your shoes are clean or dressy?

    However, a copywriter job sounds amazing! Congratulations, Cara!

    I love this outfit so much - you look kickass.

  4. You look so posh! Major congrats on the job, that sounds really cool. Sorry to hear about shoe conundrum, but maybe it's just an opportunity to wear awesome socks.

  5. HA!! Oh no! Congrats on the job! I base everything around shoes so I don't know what I would do either? cute slippers?


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