Monday, December 19, 2011

Defining Image

Weekends are a strange phenomenon. When you reach the end, they feel like the were far too short. However, when you go to write Monday's blog post, based on Friday's outfit, it seems so long ago, you can't remember what you wanted to mention about it.

 Likely unrelated to the actual outfit, we've been discussing image at work. Of course, since I primarily work with our branding department, it's a natural topic of conversation. What is the image this company wants to portray? What does their image say now? On a more company-wide level, we're starting to work at revamping our image. Since we recently brought on quite a few new staff members, we're asking questions like "who are we? Who would we like to be? How is this coming across to our clients?"

 It's any amusing subject for me since this little world of fashion blogging is all about image. We ask ourselves, usually subconciously, "who am I? Who do I want to be today?" While clothing is a great way to showcase our personality, it's also just as easy to mask it. I seem to be very aware this weekend as I'm planning outfits for the week, of how correctly my image portrays who I am. I know I'm starting to find my groove when it comes to my style and how it reflects this new period in my life, being "nerdy-sweet". As much as this relieves some anxieties about dressing every day, and about who I think I am, I also find myself resisting it. I will create outfits outside of this definition, fearing that my groove will become a rut. Sometimes, I will wuss out of wearing it, being too far from my comfort zone. Other times, I will put it on and feel like the clothes have more personality than me.

 As we take the time at work to consider who we are, who we hope to become, and how we are going to present that, I'm going to keep those same questions in my head for my personal image. While there will still be days where I try to break out of my comfort zone, I'm going to pay closer attention to how people perceive me and how I perceive myself through the image these clothes project.

 And on an entirely unrelated note, I will be disabling the option for people to comment anonymously. I cringe every time I read "anonymous has left you a comment" and have found that the majority of these comments are negative. While I do appreciate constructive criticism, doing so anonymously projects the idea (see, I knew I could link it back to the subject at hand!) that the comment is more malicious than it is possibly intended. If you don't want your name "out there" for everyone to see, please send your comment to my email ( Or, if you're my sister, you can text me. Otherwise, I look forward to find out who you all are!


  1. One thing I have learned about getting dressed (and then putting it on the blog for the whole world to see) is to be myself. You can get experimental, but you end up finding out clothes and styles that suit you the best. Like your awesome jacket! Love the colors :) Heather

  2. I realise when I look through my blog that you are absolutely correct.

  3. I like your idea of dressing oneself. I too think everyday "does what I'm wearing define me".. I think sometimes I get too caught up in what does this say? and forget they're just clothes. Some days I can be one way or another. I'm paying more attention to what I buy so that I know exactly the vibe a piece will give when paired up.

    If you don't already, try keeping your OOTD photos in a single folder categorizes by date and scroll through once in awhile. I do this and write down new pairings I might not have noticed or can start making more conscious decisions to push my wardrobe. I think my clothes are always trying to push limits, but that's who I am as a person. I think it's great you're in a position where you can constantly be looking at who you are and who your company is.

    I did some study on corporate culture for one of my communications classes and found it incredibly fascinating how a businesses "image" can be as much what you pay for as the product itself.


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