Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grey Skies are Going to Clear Up

It's a good thing that grey is a cousin of black, because this morning was a hard sell for my body to get out of bed! I am calling this wash of jean "charcoal" rather than a faded black. After all, if my colleague is right and "There are no different types of pink, because pink is just faded red", all different shades of faded black must be grey. I love accenting grey with purple, so this sweater, which combines the 2 (a Value Village find from a couple weeks ago, nwot Joe Fresh line, with a decent wool content), was the perfect fit. I also am wearing a grey tank underneath, but as I see, it didn't come out that well, and I wasn't going to retake the picture.

I had nothing but difficulties getting pictures today. First of all, my timer decided "10 seconds" actually meant "2 seconds".

Then, once I was in the right spot with the right timer, my phone rang.

It did not bode well for our evening activity: taking pictures for our Christmas cards!

And yes, Danielle, that is a little Santa - "guarding" our lack of presents!


  1. Purple and gray is a favorite combo of mine. Your sweater is gorgeous. Your photos crack me up. Those self timers have a mind of their own sometimes, lol :) Heather

  2. Aww, I wish I knew about the Neutrals Week sooner so that I could participate! That being said, I do love your sweater.

    I don't know what kind of camera you have, but you can always get a remote for it (about $3 or $4 on ebay), and then you can control it better. Where to hide the remote is a different matter though...

  3. LOVE this look. The print is so cute, and the cut of the jeans is very flattering on you. I wish I could steal that top out of your closet. XD

  4. 'Pink is just faded red' ha I love it! Also how funny that you're on the phone in the last pic-I rely on my man to take my photos but may have to start using a self-timer since he's been travelling a lot for work lately. I love the charcoal jeans and colourful cardi!


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