Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm having a time out.

Yes, that's right. I'm 27 years old and I'm in a time out. See, that's what I think separates adults from children. Children must be told to have a time out after their behaviour has escalated. Adults give themselves a time out before that happens (well, good adults do, Alec Baldwin does not). I won't get into the details, but between finishing up Christmas shopping (which I always want to have done before December 1, but hasn't happened once since Scott and I have been shopping together, not pointing any fingers), and having to do some of it at walmart (again, something I said I would boycott, but still ended up in there), I got into a bad mood. I tried fighting it. I tried taking deep breaths. I lasted as long as it took to get home, and then the minute Scott said something, I was ready to explode. I shooed him away (which took for-freaking-ever) and sat quietly on the couch, with the lights off, and the room silent. I've gone from a boil to a gentle simmer, so I'll consider that progress.

Maybe it's all this blue that's making me blue! Oh, puns. I swear my love of puns has been the only thing that's kept me in my job thus far! I love the idea of this outfit. I can't tell what I think of it in pictures, becuase every time I see my fuzzy hair and think "yup - hoods may be fabulously warm, but they make your hair fabulously frizzy!!


  1. Walmart is the devil, but it's a necessary evil. It makes me grouchy to go there too, so don't beat yourself up. You and Keely are twins today with your stripes and cardis :)


  2. Cara...I loooooove this outfit. The nautical flavour of the tank and cardigan, the skinny jeans...oh those skinny jeans! Just beautiful. Hope you're simmer turns into more of a warming oven ;) Have a fabulous weekend :D Cheers!

  3. Good for you for knowing when a time out is needed-that is the hardest part! I find this time of year can be quite stressful if we let it (hence why I start my shopping in the summer!) On the positive side you look beautiful in navy- a really great colour on you!

  4. Love the jeans

    This time of year, when I need a time out, I walk, exercises soothes my temper, lol and if i am really miserable, almost weepy, I go to bed :)

    Sometimes my husband will say why don't you go to bed..then I know I am being a b----

  5. I think blue is actually supposed to calm you down. The outfit is cute, at any rate.

  6. This is a perrrfect outfit. Striped shirt, cardigan, jeans combined will always equal chicness - even when you're sick/tired/angry/frustrated!

    Ohhow I despise walmart. And yet I keep shopping there. All my favorite stores stop carrying the Things I Use (capitals, yes), so I wind up in walmart for really dumb stuff. I try to make up for it buy supporting Goodwill, indepedent companies, and local shops whenever I can. Balance the evil.

    Hope things settle down for you. Sounds like things are rough. Send me an email if you wanna vent. ^_~

  7. I have five days off in May when mt husband will be at work and my children will be at school. I am so looking forward to it.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you are so frustrated. I totally understand what you are saying though. It's December 10 and Christmas is only two weeks away, and I have NOT ONE SINGLE present ready. I have ordered some things but haven't really organized myself to see what is missing. I hope you feel better soon!


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