Tuesday, December 13, 2011


One thing before we get down to business: I made the Huffington Post! It's an honour to be featured amongst so many awesome bloggers and to be mentioned by the fabuluous Wendy B., who wrote the article on peplums.

One of the hardest parts about giving up my student status (ok, I am still registered for one more term), is allowing my style to mature. I knew my striped dress was likely a little young for my future. I've already altered it once, after having received it from a friend.

And it served me well as a casual option, mostly as a weekend piece, but it was on the blog from time to time

However, I've been struggling with balancing casual and professional in my current position. Since I love my tweed sheath that is a little too formal for the office, I thought: "why not make a casual version of it?" First, I removed the pockets. As much as I love having spaces to stash stuff, I also knew they were a little too youthful. I then removed the sleeves, since I am not a huge fan of layering anything under a short-sleeved shirt, except when really being casual. Then I narrowed the body. Easypeasy!

Of course, I did laugh really hard this morning when I did my last "once over" on the way out the door. I may have complained continuously last week about being so limited by neutrals, but it didn't stop me from going black and white today!


  1. So this is the dress you refashioned. You did a great job restyling it to make it appropriate and "adult-like" It's like a totally different dress. Your belt looks great too :)

  2. Yay! And well-deserved. Your outfits are among the best I see anywhere.

  3. Loving all the ways you remixed the striped dress! I know what you mean about letting your style mature. Now that I am working as a manager in the family business, I know I should dress more professionally and seriously to command respect and all that... but I still enjoy wearing my colorful and floral outfits! I guess I'm struggling with the same dilemma :)


  4. Congrats on the Huffpost feature! You look so smashing in that peplum dress.

    Amazing remake of your dress! I'm kicking myself because I wanted to do something similar with a skirt I had/have (I can't remember if I ever got rid of it). I never did it though. I should go see about digging it out if I've still got it.

    Your dress looks like a comfy version of a sheath dress, and fits you great!

  5. WOW! Amazing job! I never think of those kinds of things at all. Brilliant!


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