Friday, December 16, 2011

Subliminal message

I work with a guy that wears a button down shirt and a sweater every day, so on days when I know I need him tossing off on something, I dress to match him, hoping to subconciously ingratiate myself with him. It I'd dn't work today, but I still like the outfit!


  1. I did the same concept today - only I did it because I was cold, lol! But how funny to emulate someone in your office. I think that's a great way to "influence" someone without being obvious.

    Those trousers are a super fantastic cut, and I love the statement necklace.

  2. Love the greens and your trousers are fabulous!

  3. I think the pants look way too big for your body frame it almost looks like your belt is the only thing holding them up. Sorry, but I think you look much better in more slimmer looking pants. The shirt is great though.


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