Friday, September 30, 2011

This is fall

This dress is my fall dress, partially because I bought it at the end of summer last year and thus wore it mostly in fall, but also because I love pairing it with jackets, boots or tights. Or, like in this case, all three.

I know, I know, casual pictures are supposed to be much more comical, but there's something almost demure about the outfit that didn't seem to go with devil horns, or dead fish faces.

And seriously - the casual comical pictures, are they just weird?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brightly coloured date

One thing Scott & I did purposely before we set out our budget was to go out for supper one last time before that became a distant memory (Ok, we do have an entertainment budget, but we both prefer to spend that money on material as opposed to digestible things). I was still in "let's wear all the stuff that's difficult to style for work" mode, and pulled my bright pink skirt. Of course, the instinct is always to pair with black, white or grey. Instead, I threw in purple, and loved it! Sure, white and black did make their appearances, but I definitely felt wow-bang-pow great in this, albeit slightly comical!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Variations on a theme

I was a little mad at myself for reverting to a uniform for that first week of work. However, it didn't occur to me that I had a casual uniform, as well!  These outfits were worn within days of each other, seeing predominantly the same people. Poor people, I'm sorry I don't put more creativity into the outfits for you! It is one of my favourite looks - a few layers, but mostly basics.

Oh, and I should mention, in order to keep track of what is "casual" and what is "work", my casual outfits will be pictures of me looking like an idiot. Err... looking like MORE of an idiot. Of course, it gets more complicated when you consider the fact that I work on my thesis in my pajamas.

Anyway, you finally get to see the often worn but never pictured tattoo shirt! I picked up this shirt for cleaning during the infestation, but it quickly became my favourite "Saturday" shirt (it was, however, a Friday when I wore it. Scandalous, I know). The colours just make me happy! I needed layers that day - we were going for a picnic (complete with Yogi Bear worthy picnic basket). A hoodie, my army jacket, jeans and sneakers rounded out this outfit for pulled together warmth, with a touch of interest.

Then two days later, I went to a fundraiser at my brother-in-law's business, and found myself wearing a sneakingly similar outfit. Yup - jeans, sneakers and my army jacket. I did, however, change it up with a striped shirt and a scarf... I know, just SO radically different, eh?

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes you just need your comfort clothes!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...but my hair is already straight! (A Review)

Let me preface this by saying I cheap out on my hair. My shampoo and conditioner are frequently on sale for a couple of bucks, and even at that, I am contemplating buying them at Costco to bring the unit price down. I've been using the same frizz serum for 5 years... as in the same bottle. I get my hair cut, on average, 4 times a year. Needless to say, my current hair straightener probably cost me $20. My hair had a bit of envy at the end of August when every one and their dog seemed to get a straightening iron to review from Misikko. However, just as I was about to steal my sister's more expensive straightener when I was babysitting Miss E one night, I received an email offering me one from their Hana Professional Line.

Since Brian selected the product they wanted me to review, I did nothing with the website prior to the review. However, I did play around with it, and it seems pretty straight forward! They carry a number of lines like Hana and Chi irons. However, I was gifted a Hana Professional 1 1/2" straightening iron. You can also check out their various hair products and make up items, like Model in a Bottle.

Within a week, it arrived at my doorstep (and with CanadaPost, my preferred method of shipping). Brian was kind enough to label the customs papers with "gift" so I can't say much about the customs charges, but Misikko does broker customs charges, so they not only let you know before you finalize your order, but you also pay for them at the same check out. No doorstop surprises here! The product certainly was packed well - not only was there little chance of damage, it also came with wonderful gifts!

Quality of product

For the record, my hair is straight. And limp. With minimal frizz. It's kind of funny that I would be asked to review a product that aims to achieve hair I already have. However, I do straight my hair to ensure every single strand does what I want (I am a control freak, can you tell?). My initial reaction was "Wow, it's like gliding over butter!" Sure, it's a fairly smooth process to straighten my hair, but there was nary a tug or a catch! Plus, it's powerful enough that I needed to divide my hair into fewer sections, meaning less time in the bathroom! Win!

Here is my hair before (air dried) and after. See? Poker straight, limp hair... sigh... I'm slowly coming to terms with you, hair!

The product did heat up rather hot (it is professional grade, and I did ensure I used the appropriate temperature for my hair type), so be careful to not grab the body of the straightener even when closed. There are "safe" spots at the top for extra control.

I tried a variety of techniques with the iron: poker straight, flipping under, flipping over, and they all seemed to work adequately well (my hair decides it's going to do one, and then resists doing another immediately after. I can't blame it). I even tried to do curls with it. This was not so successful. Perhaps it's the thickness of the plates (I currently have a straightening iron half this size that I have used for curls), or the fact that it does move so slickly, I can't tell.

I used the straightener in conjunction with the Hana Shine Shield Thermal protector, and found that it kept my hair silky all day, and didn't have that greasy effect my past-its-prime serum can have.I'm not crazy about the scent though.
Post-curling attempt static cling... eeeek!

One issue I did have was static. Perhaps it was because I was over-straightening, but after playing around for about 10 minutes, my hair had a mind of its own.

The Verdict
Overall, I'm confident in saying this is a good straightener, and if you want or need to invest in professional grade, you can't go wrong with the Hana professional line. The design of the product was great, the quality was great, and while it's certainly more straightener than I need, I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to play around with a curling iron or hair dryer from the Missiko collection!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Maison Monday #2

The Office / Guest Room
Scott has "control" over the office. What this really means is that I can't nag him to clean it as often, and that he gets a little more say than usual over the decor. Not that he really had much choice - there certainly wasn't a budget for decorating this room beyond pictures, since we had to use most of the budget for this room on a printer extension cable.  Now let's not get into the unbelievable price of those... (beyond saying it was only marginally cheaper than a wireless printer. If we needed ink, it would have tipped the other direction).

Despite needing a longer printer cable, the room is probably a little smaller than we need for our purposes. We figure this arrangement is the only way for the room to be functional. At least, that's what I'm telling myself, since re-arranging it means taking apart all the furniture, moving it into the small hallway and using all the physics and spatial geometry I know to get everything back in.  

We went with the same colour scheme from Scott's bedroom from when he was in university, tans, browns and blacks. We've tried playing around with accent colours, but in all honesty, I'm not in there enough to really care!  

My favourite part of the room is the wall with the pictures. All the photography you'll see was taken by me, 90% of which was done on our honeymoon. I can't really see the point of tchotchkes, so I'm always at a loss when it comes to mementos from trips. This loss resonated all the more poignantly when it came to our honeymoon. However, with minimal funds for decorating, a decent camera, and fun little creatures to photograph at the aquarium, it became obvious that this would be a perfect way to solve both problems. They're black and white in the room, but I've posted them here in full colour (click on each to see bigger, if you want)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dudes, I'm uninspired.

I'm still in the whole: "I'm new, I'm a little weird, maybe they should get used to my personality in small bits before I shove it in their face with my clothing choices" phase. It's translated into: "Take pants. Layer shirts. Add blazer. If there is time, choose funky shoes." 

There was not time yesterday morning. And since I haven't figured out how / when to post Friday outfits, you can just assume I'm wearing something very similar, but with trouser jeans instead of of dress pants.

This whole getting dressed thing is tiring.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quasi-existential Revelations (or the power of cozy jammies)

I woke up with a horrible attitude, and it stuck with me until 2:30. It ranged everywhere from "I'm fat" to "They're going to fire me" to "Scott's going to leave me". I do lack "The Logics" when I get grumpy. But around 2:30, I had a little snack, spent a little time fighting with the copier (does every office seriously have one piece of technology whose goal in life is to make mine a living hell?), and decided: "you know, life can be nice, if you let it". Despite it not being the more existential revelations of all time, it worked.

Of course, coming home and putting on cozy jammies, watching copious amounts of whatever-tv-show-i-want-because-no-one-is-here-to-judge-me, and making some yummy delicious chili really helps too. More than quasi-existential revelations.

I'm a little afraid to look at the pics of this outfit, because I put it together in my head as I was falling asleep and I really liked how it looked in there. I do owe my sister. She came over a week or two ago to borrow some clothes for a wedding. There was one dress she was looking for (the one I'd styled in my "how to wear a bridesmaid dress again"), so I told her it was in behind a suit bag. Of course, she questioned why that suit bag had a suit in it, if all the other suits I own weren't given the same treatment. I had no reasonable explanation, so I liberated the jacket this morning.

I'm still finding my way through the office dress code (they did inform me pajamas were not permitted... not that I, or anyone else, was in violation of that rule), but it does seem to be veering highly casual. Of course, the little rebel in me kind of wants to go full-on suit and button down shirt tomorrow. Guess you'll have to check back to find out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rain Rain, Go AWAY!

So Monday, the zipper split on my dress.

Today, my purple shirt stained my white cardigan.

Working is hard on the clothes!

Not to mention rain being hard on the feet. Despite having had to revise my clothing plan for the week, I didn't account for large amounts of rain. Brrrrr.

And my favourite part of this outfit? Isn't clear enough in these pictures to even tell you. Sigh. I'm tired. Is it bedtime?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of Work

Yesterday was my first day of work. It didn't start out well. I actually slept, which was good. And I woke up with plenty of time, which was good. And then it went down hill.

I cut myself shaving. Twice.

Then, the zipper on my brand new never worn dress split.

Then Scott kept getting in the way as he was trying to help.

However, things evened out again when I got to work.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Maison Monday #1

Oxford English Dictionary
Have you ever arrived some where and new you had arrived exactly where you wanted to be? It took a long time, but I think I'm finally there.

Over the last two years in Regina, I knew it wasn't "home," partially because it was so far away from family (so I spent a good deal of time on the road) and partially because I never really felt settled in either of our apartments. Of course, add in there a dose of creepy crawlies, and some horrible neighbours and you can certainly understand why I didn't put down my roots.

I can't remember if it was after Christmas, in the midst of bedbugs or what, but I do remember bursting into tears after returning from a trip to my parents, feeling so unbelievably homesick but not knowing where "home" was. I've got to say, arriving in Winnipeg made it really feel like "home." Since I'm so emotionally invested in this place, I've invested the time (and a tidbit more money than I'd wanted) in making our home beautiful.

So without further ado, I present...

The Bathroom

I know, I know, what a boring room to start. However, it was really the first room to come together. About 90% of the items we received at my first shower, so it took little work to pull together. Of course, had I known when we registered that we'd have yellow tile, I might have gone a different route, but I'm certainly glad we went with neutrals. I might even try to hunt down a yellow facecloth or two to make it seem a little more intentional. Hmm... or convince Scott to buy me some daisies....

And while we're here, under the sink is stashed my makeup kit. I usually wear very light colours, so I don't quite get how I've amassed this collection. I received the case from my grandmother and redid the interior. I then used 3 watch cases as organizers.  

I know, not the most exciting post, but expect some fillers for the next while as I get into the working AND blogging routine!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Outerweared up!

Man, these boots are getting a lot of mileage - both in frequency of use and in walking while wearing them! We ran a ton of errands we've been meaning to do for weeks. Now almost every federal department knows we're married and have moved, we just need to mail everything for the provincial government. Ya, I know, we're slow. But I promise, we've written all the thank you cards for wedding presents! And bought the stamps! (But now our little project has stalled because we're l-a-z-y).

I wanted more sleeve coverage than allowed by the sweater, so I threw a long sleeve shirt underneath. I feel pretty "meh" about it, but I loved the outfit when I was all outerweared up!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Downtown Adventure

What does one do when one knows their unemployment is nearing its end? She hops on a bus for some downtown adventuring! I find that navigating the bus system gives me a feeling like I've conquered the city.

It was a cool, rainy day, so tights boots and a leather jacket were a must. We went from +30 to barely above freezing in days, so it's hard to get accustomed to what to wear in fall without it appearing winter. Oh well! I'll have to remember it works for a winter day! Oh, and the belt is Urban Behavior New With Tags, bought for a $1.99 at Value Village.

And a huge thank you to all of those who offered congratulations by comment, email and tweet! I'm pretty excited, but I'll keep it as vague as I always have: I work at a job that has desks and computers! And people who work at them! I don't think it's certainly as necessary as my last job to keep hush-hush (last time I checked, they weren't doing security clearance on me), but hey, if some people keep their blog private from their work life, why not keep my work private from my blog life :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Let this outfit forever be known as the outfit I was wearing when I was offered a job.

Ok, this outfit is my go-to outfit for fall (despite having never photographed it before - odd), and had absolutely no relation to the job, as the offer came via email. My in-laws happened to be in town so we went out for lunch to celebrate my new job, my father-in-law's new job, and Scott's very belated birthday. The outfit was perfect for all the extra stretch room necessitated by breadsticks. Mmmm.... breadsticks.

The new job starts on Monday, (which is coincidentally the first day I'm starting my "Maison Mondays" - I technically live in South St. Boniface, I can get away with some Franglais, right? - debuting the decor in my new apartment), so look forward to work outfits on Tuesday. I'm guessing the office is business-business casual, so certainly in my comfort zone.

And for the record - they enjoyed my blog (insert awkward face here)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Short Pants - EBEW

Everybody, Everywear | Colored PantsI tried on a pair of red Calvin Klein jeans at Value Village the other day that I thought would be perfect for this edition of EveryBody EveryWear. However, they were 3 inches too short, a couple sizes too big, and really, I barely wear my red shorts enough to merit red pants.

Instead, I'm suggesting the definition of pants means "article of clothing worn on lower half consisting of two pieces, forming "legs" joining together to cover all necessary private bits and extending up to the waistline, give or take a couple inches."

I wasn't sure how to style them, finding red a difficult colour for me, but alas, unless I wanted to change the definition of colour (meaning anything with a hue, rather than the implied, anything not a neutral), or really stretch the definition (I have a bright pink skirt that could use some love), I had to work with it. The solution? Stealing from the husband.

Oh dear, here he comes now... I better run!!

PS -  A huge thank you for all the feedback on yesterday's post about sharing your blog in your professional life! I loved hearing about your experiences!

Monday, September 12, 2011

How a Fashion Blogger does an Interview

This post is a little long winded so if you're only here for the clothing, scroll down for the picture.

I tweeted on Friday, after handing out my blog address, asking for your opinion on mentioning blogs in a job interview and I agreed with every answer - even though they were varied. I knew that was likely to happen - it really depends on the type of blog, the career goals and the type office.

I asked myself on the drive home when I was wracking my brain trying to remember what I wrote in Monday's post: "Would I have responded differently if it was a different type of blog?" I did, after all, mention the fashion blog and not the sadly neglected cooking blog. I definitely mentioned the type of blog a good 5 or 6 questions later, and did so with a disclosure of: "I realize it's a bit superficial, but sometimes after a day of reading 300 pages of academia, you need something to relax your brain." I have a couple friends who have great blogs about their writing projects, and by all means they should mention those in interviews (though I'm still waiting for you fashion one, Cassidy!). Those, however, seem to focus more on their "Business" than on themselves. I know there is nothing on the blog that I would regret having said, should an employer read it. However, does revealing your blog reveal too much about your personal life that your potential employer need not know?

Beyond the professional/personal balance, which will vary for every single person, there is also the reason behind mentioning it. I was trying to back up my claim that I have a good grasp of social media. It's one thing to say: "I have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Triberr, Klout and a MySpace account" what does that really say beyond: "I know how to sign up for accounts, but not necessarily how to use them effectively". It certainly holds more weight to say: "I am quite familiar and have a vested interest in keeping up with new media options. I market my own blog using Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and am currently looking at the benefits and drawbacks of using Tumblr, Triberr, Klout and YouTube as additional marketing tools. Using social media, I've learned that the best way to gain exposure for your product is to have consistent, yet innovative, updates and postings and to be constantly re-evaluating your marketing practices so you are reaching as many people as possible and keep up with the changing face of social media". I would never, in a million years, mention a blog for a teaching position, a government position, or a banking position, but it's about knowing what the blog can do for you and what skills you've learned through the blog.

And finally, it really depends on the type of people that are interviewing you. It depends on what they're wearing (Pulled together outfit: yes. Wrinkled suit and messy hair: no). It depends on the tone of the interview (Stern faces judging you: no. Laughter, jokes and anecdotes: yes). And it really depends on how the company views its employees (A warm body at a desk: no. A person with interests and hobbies: yes).

At the end of the day, everyone will have their own opinion as to why they would or would not discuss their blog, and in what circumstances. And everyone is right. It depends on your comfort level with revealing your personal self in a professional setting. The one thing that gets my mind reeling at this point is the degree to which this personal intrusion on a professional setting is already happening; after all, we value our blogs because our clothes allow us to have a means of self-expression in the workplace.

(This post took a turn from its original intent of discussing how to dress for an interview in 30 degree [86 degree] weather. Rather than draw it out any longer, here is my summary:
Use one black piece to keep a professional tone. Have the structure of a blazer, but with short sleeves. Use a sleeveless shell under, and don't put on the jacket until you're about to walk through the door. While sandals are not advised, slingbacks will keep your feet cooler than pumps. Though skirts are a controversial subject, highlighting femininity, sexuality, what have you, your knee pits will thank you. Remember to add one splash of colour so they have something to distinguish you from the other drones. Oh, and as ShyBiker thoughtfully advised me, when it comes to dressing for interviews in the heat of summer, the most important thing to wear is deodorant
 There you have it! I promise tomorrow I'll be less long-winded and controversial!)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Out of Order: Style a Summer Top For Fall

I'm not just talking about how, really, this week has been an attempt to style summer looks for fall but worn during summer heat, but the order of the actual outfits. I've adopted a "one day behind" posting approach that has worked almost seamlessly since we moved. That is, until yesterday. I posted the appropriate challenge outfit, worn the day before, and then put on interview wear, planning on wearing today's challenge yesterday afternoon. However, it was so hot when I got home that wearing a summer top styled for fall wasn't going to happen. Instead, I put on a cotton dress and lay on the couch in front of the AC... and I don't even like having the AC in, that's how hot it was. I figured I'd save the interview outfit for Monday, doing a whole segment on dressing for interviews in the heat, and thus justifying saving that post, and today, Friday, I'd wear the challenge actually set for today.

And then I got an email this morning asking me to come in for another interview. And I had to do the challenge. And the outfit I picked for the second interview met the requirements of this challenge. So you're getting Interview #2 outfit before Interview #1 outfit. And I really hope that's the most confusing part of my day, because it's hurting my brain enough as it is.

And quick! You have less than 2 hours... jacket without the belt?? Scrap the whole outfit and go with a power colour?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Debuting something New(er), or, How to Dress for a Job You Don't Want

I will not be teaching this fall. Sometimes, you just know something isn't going to work for you, and that really was the case for this job.

I definitely pushed my own rules. I wasn't convinced early on that this was a job for me. I'm not even sure why I applied for a teaching position, after ruling out that career 3 years ago. I was worried I was going to be sacrificing my career goals and all of my personal time to take this job. The last thing I wanted to do was to have to sacrifice who I was for the position. Rather than going with the "safe outfit" and answering the "safe answers", I took a risk.

I did tone down the outfit from the original - the pink belt apparently was a touch too much for Scott and I figured while I could justify it, it probably wasn't necessary. I drew my inspiration from Le Chateau:

This outfit didn't start the inspiration, but it's the closest one I could find to their window display of wonderful orange and wine pairings. I love orange and wine together. I did want to keep them separate for the interview, so as to not come on too strongly.

And you'll notice on my feet? I'm debuting something new(er): NWOT shoes I got at Value Village the day before.  I can rock and challenge and an interview on the same day in the same outfit!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'll pretend it's fall, just for you

Today's high is nearing the lower 30s (high 80s), so really, wearing a summer dress styled for fall is not going to happen. Ok, I'll pretend it's fall, just for you. And then I'll swap out the boots for sandals and the jacket for bare arms.

Have you seen this dress before? I should have saved it for tomorrow if you haven't. Is it still a remix if I've worn it before without you seeing it? I'll pretend it is.  Today is about a lot of pretending. I bought it at Old Navy for $10, a size too big. I added elastic around the armpit & shoulder area to cinch it in a bit. I'm not thrilled with the fit (being not fitted, which is, of course, how 90% of my close do fit), but it was super comfortable when I wore it to my bachelorette evening (mani-pedis and board games... a nice quiet night that ended way to early... like at 10... wtf?), and our gift opening a couple days later.

Anyway, to make this more "remix," here is summer and fall!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

Today we were to wear a lost or forgotten piece. Having only had the full run of my wardrobe for just over a week, I feel pretty confident I could put on almost anything and it would count. However, this poor jean skirt has certainly been more neglected than many of the other items in my closet. I'm also trying to wear items I KNOW I can't wear in a work environment and the length of this one makes it a perfect candidate for today, especially since I have a job interview at a private Christian school Wednesday night that I'm pretty sure might get a little wide eyed over the length. Or my desire to jump around like a freak in it (then again, I'm a little apprehensive about getting back into teaching... maybe I'll wear a short skirt and jump around like a freak in it so I don't have to worry about if I actually want to go back into the classroom again, they just won't let me. Kidding. Mostly).

Click here to see how I've worn this skirt - and the (longer and thus probably more useful for any future occupation) one it replaced, and the unbelievably short and thus totally inappropriate for any job one that one replaced!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Remix An Old Favourite

I think I took the "Remix" and "Old" of Keely & Megan Mae's Fashion Challenge: Remix Week a little too seriously. I mean, sure, I remixed every other piece of clothing in this outfit, but there's nothing like taking a challenge to the next level by wearing a vintage belt as a a bracelet.

I'm not convinced I pulled it off - I wore this outfit to dinner with my grandparents, and my grandmother automatically assumed I'd injured myself in the move. I felt so betrayed by Scott - I had asked him if it was "bad ass, or bad idea" and he had said "bad ass". Admittedly, I would have chosen that too, had I been him, even if I thought it was a bad idea, since I'd just spent the last 20 minutes raging against my closet, unable to find something suitable to wear.

Tensor-bandage comparison or not, I like the outfit (the lighting, from taking my picture in the dark, not so much, but we'll see how well I work work the "Auto-fix" button in photoshop). Both the top and jeans are thrifted, and the bracelet/belt I stole from my mother's closet and figure it's from the 70s or maybe 80s... you know, back when "genuine leather" meant the whole thing was leather, and not just a thin surface over whatever vinyl or plastic product the manufacturer could find. Click here to see other ways I've worn this belt (as, you know, a belt).

Saturday, September 3, 2011

And now I have something to say

You know how some days you don't have anything to wear, so you don't blog? And other days, you don't have anything to say, so you don't blog? Yesterday was one of those. Today, I'm wearing what I refer to as a cheater outfit (a nice top and jeans with black ballet flats), which look pulled together, but it is really super basic. And that's about all I could say about that. However, I just returned from shopping with my mother for a dress for an upcoming family wedding.

As per usual, we had to talk my mom into buying the dress, being more than she'd usually like to spend on an item (I got my thriftiness from her... and my father. Really, it's surprising my sister ended up with such expensive taste). However, we did discuss cost per wear, and all the ways she could remix the dress.

What occurred to me afterwards is how economically based our discussions were. How can we justify this purchase DESPITE its cost. I wonder how often the cost comes into play when we decide to put something back on the rack even though we may love it.

Wouldn't it be better if we put on an outfit, decide what the outfit is worth, based on how we look/feel in it, and then compare it to a price tag? There are outfits in my closet that make me feel like a million bucks... and even though I thought their price was exhorbitant when I bought it, it's still a small amount compared to how awesome I feel in it.

Of course, this is day 3 of my "no retail purchases" budget, and going to the mall was a test of will power, so I may just be trying to justify the purchase I almost made (fortunately, on an item not on my size), but none the less, for those of us who do keep our purse strings a little too cinched, it may be time to think about how much we're really worth when we're tempted to put that dress back on the rack.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let the record state

1. In order to cut down our expenses (because unemployment + tuition + check engine light = my poor bank account), I'm swearing off all non-thrift store clothing related purchases unless required by anyone willing to offer me a job. I'm actually looking forward to it!

2. On a somewhat related note, I applied for a position in a hospital that may require the wearing of scrubs. If I get it, it could make for an amusing couple of blog posts... but then I'd need to get a tad creative.

3. I'm not sad. I know I look sad, but it's really just that I'm tired. And I'm not lying to you, I promise. I'm not brimming with joy, but I'm certainly not all "whoa is me"

4. I'm not actually wearing this outfit. I know, confusing. However, I'm going to be spending the afternoon with Miss E, who, at nearly 10 months, has an interest in fashion. That is, she has an interest in eating necklaces. I don't even want to know what she'd do with a belt.