Monday, October 31, 2011

An outfit to a costume

See this? it's my Halloween costume. Only it hasn't been costumified yet. And yes, I just invented a word. I know, I know, with all the communications positions for which I've been applying, I shouldn't making up words and using sentence fragments on my blog. I should be showcasing my wonderful writing skills, but I haven't slept. In days. I tied up all the lose strings on my thesis before sending it to my adviser, hopefully for the last time. Knowing I can't do anything more and I just have to sit and wait (especially unnerving because we're right at the point where if everything goes well, I don't need to register again for the winter), makes me unbelievably nervous and insanely on edge.

Like this morning. I went to get dressed, and got unbelievably mad at (the absent) Scott for wearing my belt. It's happened once before, and it's really not a big deal, since I have two black belts. Of course, I wasn't thinking very clearly when I found the other one, and continued to be mad that he was wearing the significantly more girly, and thus significantly less likely to be confused for his own, black belt. I still haven't found it, but after I tripped on a still-not-unpacked suitcase (Scott's, though I'll admit mine is just as not-unpacked), I did knock some sense into my head that it's likely missing in the disaster that is our apartment right now, and that I should likely use some of this nervous energy to clean up.

Does anyone else find that their place becomes a disaster whenever they are slightly psychologically unbalanced? No? Just me? That's ok, I think I'll embrace my freak flag today, attempt to at least make the place liveable for the time being, and then go all crazy cleaning lady on it when I've had some sleep.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see how this outfit becomes a costume!! Any guesses?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Spice

My favourite fall trend is the combination of orange and wine. I know, you've seen it before, but the spice combination is everywhere.Since they are fall colours, it's not surprising that they're big in the (gasp) fall time. I've styled the outfit for work and for weekend

And  while we're on the subject of pumpkin.... thanks for all the comments on my pumpkins! However, I've got a conundrum maybe you can help me with... what do I next? With Thanksgiving over, and Halloween being on Monday, I'm thinking the pumpkins need to be switched out for something. I'd like something fall-like, and I've missed the boat on finding any nice leaves.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Brights / BBCA

Don't worry, I know this is uninspired. For some reason, the idea of having to blog up to and including Saturday is throwing me off. I had a great idea for brights, but then it meant having to come up with a new fall trend. Then I remembered I was also still blogging for breast cancer awareness every Friday, so that put another wrench in my plans. Finally, I was going to have tea with my grandmother, so I decided nothing could be classier than a pink cardigan. Evidently, great minds think alike, as my grandmother was wearing a (brighter) pink cardigan herself. Of course, she'd cleverly paired it with a grey, pink and purple patterned top, so she did best me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It was pretty obvious when I looked in my closet that I'd either have to go thrifting or I'd have to wear stripes. As close as I came to starting up my car and hitting up a new thrift store, I remembered we still haven't paid off our credit cards from our last trip (OK, it's not like we maxed them out or anything, but guilt works really well for me). I was pretty tired of my striped shirts, and it was just too cold to wear a striped skirt, I decided I'd wear the skirt as a shirt. I love the movement of it. The only issues is that the open lace back and it's cold in my place!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Maxi or Midi

I contemplated wearing this as a maxi skirt, rather than as a midi dress, but since it's my sister's dress, I decided I didn't want her worrying about it stretched on my hips or what have you (or whatever issue she may have with it, she wasn't around to ask). I keep thinking this dress is more zebra striped, and yet in brown and ivory, rather than black. However, I stuck with brown belt and boots anyway. This dress makes me a little rectangular (which is why I decided against wearing it to the wedding this last week), but belting it and adding a cropped sweater to emphasize a waist helps a lot. In fact, Scott didn't even notice it was the same dress. We'll take that as a sign of my waist creating skill and not his inability to recognize details.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Jacket - Three Ways

I missed out on Day One of the This or That fall challenge that Megan and Keely are running, in order to finished up my "Maison Mondays". Of course, it may also have something to do with the fact that I own neither snakeskin nor animal print items. However, I'm jumping in with both feet for "Menswear or Over-sized pants". I'm going with men's wear, styling my very old but recently rediscovered boyfriend blazer. All three outfits are from the trip we took this last weekend to Toronto / Hamilton for a friend's wedding (turns out I can't just refer to it as the Great Toronto Area [GTA], even though we stayed in Burlington, as the reception itself was in Hamilton, which is apparently outside the GTA, but still part of the Golden Horseshoe. Oh the random facts I know about Southern Ontario despite not living there).

The first was a travel day, going with a basic collared sweater, jeans, grey wedges and the jacket. Simple, verging on sweet.
Yes, I'm a little apprehensive before flying...
The second day was bumming around the hotel, feeling a little rockstar in the graphic tee, cuffed jeans and striped socks.

Finally, I threw the jacket over top of my dress for the ceremony , which made me feel not only appropriately covered, but also a little like Ally McBeal. She'd totally wear this outfit, eh?

And of course, even though it doesn't fit in men's wear, I had to show you the dress. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I brought two outfits for the wedding. I ended up wearing what I'd originally purchased (for $5, thank you consignment shop in Vancouver!!), having been emboldened to wear it by WendyB's post on peplum dresses the same day we were packing to leave!

My favourite thing about this peplum? It definitely camouflaged the food baby. You know how some weddings give you the option of beef, pork or chicken? We didn't get the choice - each of us got all three.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Maison Monday #6

The Closet

We are finally at the last Maison Monday post! I can tell by the (lack of) comments that these aren't everyone's favourite posts, so breathe a sigh of relief, today is at least somewhat related to fashion!!

I originally thought we were losing closet space in the new place. We had two closets in Regina, and only one in Winnipeg. Apparently, I forgot that it was a wall to wall closet, and on a fairly big wall nonetheless. We certainly have lots and lots and lots of room for (Scott's) wardrobe growth.*

One thing I love about the closet is the fact I've got dedicated shoe space. We do have a shoe rack in our front closet, which houses our "day-to-day" shoes, but suddenly I had lots and lots of floor space to contend with in the closet, so I decided to set up my little shoe-shop there! It houses my nice / fancy / professional shoes, so I can have easy access to them when planning outfits. I have all my boots up top, as well, and I will admit I do just open the closet and stare at them lovingly! Of course, it's less fun to stare at this part of the closet when the clothes are actually hanging properly
Our closet "rods" aren't so much closet rods, but little tracks, so my sweater hangar had to be retired. Instead, I rolled this little trolley in. It works adequately well, but since it's in the middle of the closet, and we have sliding doors, it's a little awkward to access while looking at clothes on the other half. I also have my baskets of seasonal clothing on "Scott's side" of the closet, so I get a good work out running back and forth. 

*I would like to note that my clothes do not usually extend this far onto Scott's side of the closet. However, Scott certainly isn't using the full expanse of his side, so rather than photographing a blank wall, I let my clothing cross the centre line. I have a strict one in one out policy now in place, which I'm contemplating upgrading to a 2 in 3 out policy, so I can ensure Scott has nothing but room. So there Mom!

Friday, October 21, 2011

... I got a rock

Yesterday, the sun came out. Literally. However, it did figurately, as well, to an extent. We got up bright and early this morning to test drive Scott's route to school, double check about orientation details (they never emailed him - they entered his email address incorrectly) and go for breakfast. Scott's course tuition is in the "are you sure you didn't misplace that comma" range, but we did find out that they will be providing him with an iPad, which is pretty awesome.

It does mean he got a computer and an iPad this week, and I got a rock (please, someone, tell me you get the reference). While Hillary did point out we're married, which means WE got a computer and WE got an iPad (and thus, by extension we must have got a rock). And it should work out well - one of us on the iPad, the other on the computer. However, the iPad is in place of textbooks, and the computer is for school, so theoretically, he'll be using both. At the same time. Leaving me with my rock.

Oh well, I knew he'd wanted an iPad since they came out, and I kept telling him not to waste money on technology he wouldn't need, so I'm really glad he got his iPad, and I got to hold onto our precious precious money. You know, besides the tuition.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

When you feel like a loser, dress like a winner

Yesterday was full of fail, and thus by extension, tears and frustration. It's a weekly occurrence now, but it's just as heartbreaking, or perhaps even more so, at that frequency. It's frustrating that there isn't a word for that space between "success" and "failure" which I'm insisting exists, because that's where I must be stuck. After a morning of sulky (and still being sick) and a good portion of the afternoon feeling sorry for myself, I got dressed. I can't say it helped, but it did allow me to leave the house.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sick Delay

Remember a couple years ago when I contracted H1N1 the same week I was contemplating getting the shot? My seasonal flu timing was even worse this year. I caught the flu a couple days before the flu shot clinics even opened. While my guilt about using my fear of needles to justify my decision to not get the shot again this year has certainly been assuaged, but the back pain and the headache were a bit extreme yesterday. I spent the day in bed with orange juice, Advil and Futurama. I'm still crazy dehydrated, a bit stiff and probably needing another low key day, but that's just not likely to happen. I will, however, get dressed, so I'll be likely to posting tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I spent the weekend with a variety of weird cold and flu symptoms. Friday, it was a sinus headache and the inability to regulate temperature. Saturday was ear aches. Sunday was a chest cough and body aches. Oh, and still the ear ache, accompanied by some rather annoying dizziness keeping me couch bound for the whole day (even when Scott's friends came over to play D&D, preventing me from escaping for a girl's night as per tradition). However, perhaps being stuck to the couch and being bored out of my mind is sometimes a smart decision, given my refusal to be sick for one more day. Thus, Monday, I got up, I showered, and I got dressed. All without falling down.

Of course, it turns out the worst thing you can do to a heeling body is chase around an 11 month old, giving piggie back rides and stooping to pick up toys. Wow, I'm in pain. It's a good thing I got the bug from the kid, or I'd feel bad for not chasing her around at full speed as usual! Good thing I went for comfortable clothing!!

Of course, I do spoil myself when sick, and perhaps accept a bit too much coddling. Netflix certainly hasn't helped the situation with its constant availability of movies preventing both the napping (which is healing) and the feeling bored (which is heeling). I also fully lost my appetite, so Scott spoiled me with Halloween candy and pizza pops.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maison Monday #5

The Bedroom

We're almost at the end, don't worry!  Today is one of my favourite rooms in the house, and it took a lot of work to get there. We had registered for a bedding set, which looked great in the pictures. No one purchased it for us, so we were waiting until it was on sale, thinking we'd buy it with some gift cards. However, when we got to the store and saw it in person for the first time, it was the ugliest thing we'd ever seen. Despite being labelled as "embroidered" only one detail of the whole pattern was stitched, and the rest was cheaply screen printed. Ugh. We spent 2 days searching for alternatives.

This is, of course, where the infamous "you wouldn't base your outfit around your earrings or shoes, now, would you?" conversation came up, and I bowed to peer pressure and bought solid colour pieces, with the expectation I'd be able to find appropriate matching toss cushions later which would have some magical pattern to tie them all together. It took three weeks of searching for ready-made cushions before I dragged Scott to Fabricland. Three hours later, we emerged with the perfect fabric. As soon as I made the cushions, the room went from being "mismatched" to "harmonious". Of course, we still fight over what order to put the pillows in (I say purple in front, Scott says green), but these are the types of problems that aren't really problems.

We debated on wall art for a while, when this popped up on my pinterest (you'll have to scroll through the blog entry a bit before you see it). I wanted to incorporate the colour (which Scott mixed pretty much perfectly), and while I wanted to do a more paisley print, my puff paint skills were minimal, so we stuck with the original pattern.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sailing the Ocean Pink - BBCA

It's amazing how one little thing can make such a change! I woke up on the wrong side of the the bed, spent the better part of the morning either yelling at Scott or crying into his shoulder.

And then I got a phone call. The Evil Futon, which had been a lifesaver when our couch was delayed, but was an eyesore / space hog / source of excessive amounts of tension between Scott and I, and between my sister and I, was sold and would be out of my house by 6.

Welcome back, favourite blog picture taking spot!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can make it!

We had plans last night. Let me tell you, I was excited. Sure, it was with the same group that we'd been with on Monday. And Thursday. And the previous Monday. But it meant I had friends. A regular group of friends.

As exciting as it was, it was also daunting... coming up with unique outfits that often is hard! I grabbed an outfit from Pinterest for inspiration, but quickly changed my mind while showering. Afterall, it was a birthday party, why not wear something snazzy? So I snazzed up. And then quickly realized it was a boys birthday party, we were likely eating pizza and then going to watch a movie - at the cheap seats. Ruffly skirt, you shall have to wait.

So I went back to my pinterest outfit. It took some pushing and prodding to get pieces that worked together (it was laundry day, and I hang a lot of stuff to dry. Since my underwear was still a little damp when I put it on, the go-to pair of jeans certainly wouldn't be any better)

As a final twist, I decided to try something I'd learned from Sarah from Wearing It On My Seleeves. She looks gorgeous every day, and so pulled together, a feat that is difficult when wearing casual clothes. She pairs every outfit with glistening hair and bold lips. Encouraged to re-try my lipstain, as suggested by readers the other day, I gave it a try. Let me know what you think - if you can tell. My battery was dangerously low, and we were under a big dark thundercloud, so poorly lit and one take was the best I could do!

PS - The thundercloud opened up for quite the storm. I may have switched to rubber boots

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Put on a happy face

The downfall to wearing clothes that are super comfy? You get the sudden urge to fall asleep in the check-out line when grocery shopping. Even my pre-shopping calisthenics didn't seem to prevent that. The poor cashier, she must have thought I was daft. Granted, most people think I'm daft when they look in my cart - fruits, veggies and 12 cans of coke. A well rounded diet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



I almost copped out and did a summary of all my diys rather than actually getting dressed. However, it was Thanksgiving Monday, and I knew I should be thankful for all my clothes, and just not my pajamas. Plus, Scott was having friends over in the evening, and I hate to become THAT wife (as in the slobby one. My jammies are not sexy).

I made 2 articles in this outfit - obviously the knit ones, and altered one - the hem and waistband on the jeans (I think it was Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk that posted about putting elastic bands in the back of the waistband to prevent the butt gap situation). Sheesh, my shoes and shirt are slackers, not doing anything fun. The hat is a favourite and the sweater, well, it has seen better days (like before it was washed with a red sweater and then bleached during the infestation of 2011), but they are both oh so comfy for a fall day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maison Monday's #4

The Living Room
I was planning on doing these rooms from least amount of time in them to most amount of time, but how do you really judge whether you spend more time in the living room or bedroom? I certainly sleep in both, watch TV in both... but since I want to end with my closet, for the sake of continuity, here is the living room!

It is slowly coming together. The delivery of the couch & chair certainly helped, since it's hard to plan a room around one of the biggest pieces of furniture that you've never actually seen before. I am beyond thrilled with the couch and chair. I love the couch and chair at my grandparents' house, and this set is a slightly more modern version of it. Since they will always read a little retro to me, we decided (ok, I decided. Poor Scott is often just along for a ride, agreeing or disagreeing piece by piece and never really in on the whole picture) to keep that feeling throughout the room. We wanted grey for the furniture and debated how it would look with our existing entertainment unit, and the minute we paired them together, I immediately saw shades of orange for an accent. Nothing quite says "orange" like the 70s! It also helps that the building we live in is from the 70s as well! I would say this is the least finished room of them all. I still want orange accent panels for the window (it's one part accent, one part function. The measurements on the package for the curtains we bought were wrong), and our poor little coffee table lacks presence.

The pillows I made myself, half of which are from an old 70s cotton bedsheet. The other pillows were inspired by a pillow I'd seen in a decor store in Vancouver,  which had two layers of felt, with the top layer having a series of diamonds cut out (you can see the tree, not the bird one. It needs some work).

The room also houses my office, which will hopefully be more organized once my thesis is complete (I am hiding mounds of paper work in these pictures). It's admittedly a little cramped, but that has to do with the fact the living room also has to triple as a gym, and regardless of what Kinect says the minimum spatial requirements are, add two feet if you don't want to be doing lunges on your couch. I do have the Zoom for Kinect on order, so hopefully I can regain some "office space".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Being Thankful

Are you familiar with Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO? I hate the song, but I love the part where it goes: "Every day, I'm shufflin.'" I will listen to the song when it comes on the radio just for that line. Lately, however, my life feels more like the words should be: "Every day, I'm strugglin.'"

It's hardest when I know I've done all I can do, and I am awaiting a response from someone or something before I can keep trying to remedy the situation. When the problem is out of my hands, all I can change is my attitude. I think I did a phenomenal job of keeping a cheery, positive attitude through all the gatherings with family and close friends that happened between Thursday and Saturday, but now that it's just me (and Scott) in the apartment, it's harder to keep my chin up.

It is Thanksgiving weekend. While I think the faux positivity is what attributed to such a steep decline in my mental thinking this weekend, I am going to force myself to look at the positives around me, and be thankful.

1. I have a wonderful husband who has stuck by me through the weird decisions and moods I've made over the last month(s), who attempts to do anything and everything to cheer me up (including doing the dishes as I type this).

2. I have a great family - both blood and in-laws - who support me in the decisions I've made (even if they don't understand them, or agree with them).

3. We certainly are beyond blessed with "stuff". We have money in our account to tide us over while I look for the right job. We have ample food in our kitchen. Our closets are full, we have a multitude of electronics and we have no end of books in sight. I usually start my Christmas list around now, but I'm quickly realizing we want for nothing. And it is a wonderful position to be in, and one that so many people don't have (and the best part? We did it all on a budget!).

4. We are now living in a city which I love. It is close to family, friends, and amenities, including a major airport with regularly scheduled flights at not insane fares.

5. We have friends galore in this city, with a wide range of interests and activities, so we have no excuse for staying in on a Saturday night. We still will, but it's now a choice we get to make.

6. For the most part, those around us are in good health.

I'm not going to say the items on this list are all I have to be thankful for, nor do they suggest the problems I have are inconsequential. But it is nice to know what while I may feel like I'm struggling, it's only in a couple areas, and that I am beyond successful in others.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness

I know, I know, last year I did BBCA every day last October, and even incorporated a pink dress challenge to make it a little harder. This year, however, because life is, well, up in the air, I am posting BBCA posts on Fridays. Want to join? Contact Melissa of A Working Mom's Closet!

I went understated, since I just wasn't feeling super pink. This outfit needs "something". I didn't wear it with the jacket for the most part, and I did change before I went out for the evening. My favourite part (and those that follow on Twitter will say: "Hey, wait, you wore this on Monday! But it's Friday! Why backlogged posts? I'm outta town...sorry) is the hair.

It did look more angular across my head in real life, but I still like it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was hot. The hottest October day on record, and they've been keeping track of that for at least 140 years. It was just under 90 degrees, so my sister, her little one and I went out to the nearby provincial park for some walking. Since this would be the last outfit I'd be wearing and posting before the Monday cutoff for WendyB's Team Colours, I had to do denim and black, hiking style.

Ok, I just put the heels on for the pictures. The sneakers? Not so Hawt.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfits and Awards

I know, I've been absent. While I was taking a blogging break, I was awarded the Tell Me About Yourself award by Megan of Megan Mae Daily. The rules are as follows:

Link back to the person who awarded it to you
Tell 7 Random Things About Yourself
Spread the Love to 15 Bloggers

Since I've hinted and commented here and there about what's been going on, I'll do a "7 Random Things That Tell You About my Last Week or Two!"

1. I quit my new job. I am still a full-time student, I didn't enjoy the work, and I didn't think it could lead me anywhere, so I thought it best to leave before they'd invested time and money into training me only to have me leave at the next job offer. Oh, and before I had a nervous breakdown trying to balance school and work. We parted on good terms. Hugs included.

2. My stress levels decreased phenomenally when I quit. However, my anxiety levels are through the roof, constantly feeling like I have to defend my decision, constantly worrying about how to pay rent (which we can, for the record, I just worry and worry and worry). As a result, I've been whiny, clingy, and super annoying (my family will likely attest to that, after having to deal with me all weekend). I've been trying to spare you, thus the massive amount of pre-written content you've been seeing.

3. I went for an interview last week. It didn't go well. It was at the province's largest university, so I knew to arrive with plenty of time to spare. I used every minute of it. I ran in circles for so long that I had to go barefoot due to all the blisters I had. Of course, circles are disorienting, so I got lost. Upon inquiring where "E3 Engineering" was, I was told it hadn't been built (oddly, it's inside E1 Engineering). When I arrived (without enough time to properly prepare myself), I discovered that my skirt was on sideways, my collar had half popped and my face was beat red from hoofing it across campus. Needless to say, I didn't have the energy to give the interview my A-game. I was not surprised when I heard back that I didn't get the job. In fact, I would have judged them if they had hired me.

4. I watch tv to help me fall asleep. Lately, it's been Arrested Development, which is almost a foolproof option for me. However, one night the aforementioned anxiety was keeping me up, and I saw an episode which I swear I'd never seen before, despite having watched the series multiple times, including a number of times where I wasn't intending on it putting me to sleep.

5. Our new couch and chair arrived (almost a month late), and I've used them surprisingly infrequently. I've never had a new couch. I've never had to be the one to break it in. I am certain I'll cry the first time I spill something on it. For now, I sit on the floor beside it, gazing admiringly from a safe distance.

6. I cannot, for the life of me, pick a lipstick colour that works on me. Here's photo evidence that I go too intense... either too red, too dark, or too pink. After the latest failure (the pink one), I decided it's nature's way of telling me my natural lip colour is ideal.

7. The best and worst decision of the week so far has been the accidental Sunday afternoon nap I took in the spare room. I enjoyed every minute of it, I likely needed it, given the fact I've averaged about 5 hours a night, over a period of 8 hours, for the last 2 weeks, but trying to do anything afterwards was like trying to fight gravity.

And if you made it to the end, congratulations! I award you with the award, as well!

Your other reward is yesterday's outfit. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know my sweater is on inside out. Sigh. We're back to surprisingly warm temperatures, making it difficult to dress. Since my jeans were in the laundry, I thought maybe cords would be appropriate. Not at 26 degrees!