Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And that's why my pants fit 6 months of the year!

I spent a lot of time waiting for buses today, so when I finally got home (after some weird long delay on my bus ride), I had a bit of chill. While I certainly had an urge to crawl into pajamas and cover myself in blankets, I knew I had to go shopping. I slipped jeans over the tights I was wearing and had a revelation.

My body weight doesn't rapidly or randomly fluctuate. The reason why my pants fit for 6 months and then don't fit for the next 6 months i because I spend the winter layering them over tights.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Day of Work

Yesterday's post discussed removing the "student" tag from my identity. I'll admit that I don't know what's going in its place. Being a student is a lifestyle. Being a copywriter is a job. It isn't simply replacing one title with another. I know that in the weeks and months to come, I'll be shifting priorities around in my life until I find the right balance and the right "tags" to go by my name.

In the meantime, I'm finding it interesting how these perhaps more philosophical thoughts are reflected in my clothing choices. I know what a copywriter wears on Mad Men. I wouldn't mind walking around in Peggy's outfits, but admittedly they'd feel like costumes to me. I also have an image of a modern copywriter at a small creative company, wearing bright colours, drapey shirts and showing too much leg. Again, those would feel like costumes to me. As I dress for this new role, I am looking to blogs for inspiration - namely Lenore of Lather Write Repeat. What strikes me most about her clothes, and possibly this is what makes them both a source of inspiration, and a source of frustration, is that she dresses like her.* But what is me? With a closet full of tweeds and button down shirts befitting a civil servant and a dresser full of cotton basics suited to a university student, it'll be a fun adventure in finding outfits that fit in between, and finding myself.

*Lenore offered me some words of wisdom on Twitter regarding dressing for my interview, and I'll hopefully be able to fall back on them whenever I'm at a loss for an outfit: "Definitely amp up the colour, keep one thing 'businessy' (skirt, dress pants, or button down) then add personality in w/ rest!"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nerves set in

I know that for most, there is a little voice in the back of their head saying: "'bout time you started working, girly," and while you certainly are right, getting a job, scratch that, a career has turned into a terrifying prospect. After 13 years in the public school system, and 9 1/2 years in post-secondary, I have always been able to identify myself, first and foremost as "Cara, student". Suddenly, it's time to remove that tag from my name. I did spend the first two days after being hired paralyzed in fear. Despite the mass amounts of websites dedicated to easing the transition into university, there are very few sites even mentioning the quarter-life crisis that results from what is, essentially, a drastic transformation of your identity.
I spent the weekend essentially growing up. I'll admit, I maybe started Friday off by regressing a touch. Nothing characterizes childhood more than scraping your knees. Yes, I fell victim to the walk-and-text at the city's busiest intersection, scraping two knees, skinning one palm and bruising my dignity. I suppose there is a not-often recognized benefit to thrifting most of your clothes: when the knees get torn out of your skinny jeans, you can shrug and say: "Oh well - only $9.99".

Saturday, I replaced those $9.99 pants with $11.00 pants from Forever 21. They're thinner, stretchier (which is a bad thing in my opinion) and likely would tear much worse in a similar accident, but they will do until I find another quality pair at Value Village. Hanging out in the mall followed by an evening of babysitting, I certainly hit my teenage years again.

Sunday was spent sleeping in, playing those horridly addicting games on the iPad and finally doing the laundry that had piled up over the last month while wearing my jammies. Indeed, I think I not only hit my university age this weekend, but tired of it quickly, feeling a little sick after my pizza pop lunch, and tired, after attempting to match up stray socks. A reasonably bedtime with an alarm clock set actually makes me feel like I am indeed old enough to start a career.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cutest Ugly Sweater

I spent the day entertaining my niece while my sister did all those cleaning tasks that are harder to do with a toddler underfoot. I had stopped by Value Village during our Christmas shopping to (unsuccessfully) check for clothing for the (successful) interview. What I did pick up was a super cheap patterned cardi, and this chunkier knit, as my sister termed it: "cute ugly sweater".

I'll admit, I had goaded her for a couple days about my "deer sweater" that I was going to wear that I found at a thrift store that was too awesome to give up. I shouldn't have been surprised she expected to see something red and green, and qualified to win an ugly sweater contest. However, she cooed when she saw what it actually looked like, so I'll take it as a win.

And yes, it was taken at the end of the day. Chasing a one year old is hard work!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What does a copywriter wear?

Apparently this! I had a job interview yesterday for a web design company looking for a copywriter. I had a dickens of a time figuring out what to wear. Finally, I grabbed a red pair of socks Scott had used for his Zoidberg costume, cut off the toes, and faked that they were knee socks, adding that final touch the outfit needed.

Turns out you really should never take any shortcuts. I arrived to find a big sign instructing me to take off my shoes before I entered. Let me tell you what doesn't look good: fake knee socks WITHOUT boots.

It's going to be bizarre designing work outfits WITHOUT considering shoes. Sure, I can wear the outfits that I didn't quite have the right shoes for without worry, but now I feel that I have to bring it with my socks. Seriously, how does a girl with over 50 pairs of shoes end up working for a company that doesn't wear them?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking A Good Picture

It's so hard in winter to find a good time and place to find pictures, between the limited hours of sunlight and the inability to bear the cold for outdoor pictures. While I certainly don't have the answers, I decided to find a solution that worked for me.I tested four variables - time of day (since I take pictures at various times), use of flash, use of extra lighting (in front of the camera - behind the camera is a whole other day!) and camera settings.

Daylight Test

Automatic Setting, no lights, first without then with flash

Automatic Settings, with lights, first without, then with flash

 Programmed setting (white balance, centre focus), no lights, first with flashout flash then with

 Programmed settings, with lights, first without, then with flash

Nighttime, no lights, automatic setting, first without then with flash

 With lights, automatic setting, first without then with flash

Programmed settings, no lights, first without then with flash

Programmed setting, with lights, first without flash then with flash

 So for me, both day and night, using programmed settings with flash work best for this location, without any extra light. While I don't like the way the legs look a little faded and flat, I figure lowering the tripod so it's focusing approximately at waist rather than at chest-ish level will help. Or are there any that you prefer?

Having difficulty? Find a day when you have some spare time that is approximately at the same time you take pictures, and play around with your settings. Better yet, read the instruction manual first!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Done with Winter

The five day outlook on my weather apps says we're due for a warm spell, which I need. Three? Four? days into winter and all ready, I'm so over it. I may also be completely over dressing job interviews. Combine the two, and you get me, grumpy, on a Monday morning.

While I was completely clueless as to what clothes to wear for a hot summer day interview, and just as confused as how to fit a blazer under a fall jacket, I know what clothes to reach for when I have to look all business in winter. The issue then becomes footwear. Whether driving or bussing downtown in Winnipeg, you can guarantee you'll need to walk a little ways. I've always stashed my shoes in a bag and worn boots for commuting, but that's not exactly possible for a job interview. What's the point in wearing nice shoes, when you are carrying your dripping boots into the interview with you? Instead, I trekked through downtown Winnipeg in my dress shoes. By the time I got home, the tops of my feet were cold and wet, and all the work I had done polishing the shoes earlier was entirely unrecognizable. I was certainly happy to switch from my business suit to the sweatsuit.

Anyway, about this outfit, I really wish all of you lived in my closet. I don't know whether this shirt is red or orange, and you really can't trust my camera to tell the truth (you know that red belt you all liked last week? It's pink, in real life). I know I wore red all weekend, and so I must be warming up to it, but when I consider this shirt as "red," I figure I should just give it away. When I think of it as "orange," it has so many possibilities. When I think of it as both, I get angry, because I like my clothes to be decided one colour, and not another.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Casual Compendium

Saturday was a funny day. I really expected to be busier. It started off that way - I had to rush out the door to have coffee with a friend (another one where we see each other sporadically, but it's like we talk on a daily basis. This guy is one of the reasons I decided not to teach: I will never be able to match the enthusiasm he has for his profession and his students. Students deserve a teacher like him). Then, (I thought*) I had to rush out the door to my great-aunt's 90th Birthday. Since the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in 24 hours, and we got a few inches of snow, I knew I'd be cozy in warm in a wool skirt, worn with boots and slouched socks for lattes, with ballet flats and a cardigan for tea.

*I totally forgot that since I was going I was going with my sister, it wouldn't be so rushed, as she runs on "Debbie Time." I hung a new organizer for our winter scarves/toques/mitts, tidied up our storage closet, caught up on the horrible games I plan on the iPad, and read a few blogs before she called to say she was on her way.

Sunday, we went to my niece's first birthday party. For a kid that doesn't like cake, she's pretty sweet, so it was a lot of fun. I made her a set of dress up clothes - tutus, aprons, animal ears, capes. I think her cousins were closer to the age to use them, but she'll always get older!

So that was my weekend! This week, I'm meeting with a hiring agency, having an all-day playdate with my niece, and maybe even having friends over this weekend. What are you up to?

Friday, November 18, 2011

An Ode

For years did I follow your blog so dear.
It did inspire and wake in me the dream
To change my style of dress and post it here;
Yet still your blog of clothes I found supreme.
But years pass by and with it went the time.
As days turn cold and night turns dark, a sign
Of things to come that part my path to you.
The memories I hold so close, sublime
Your posts may be, no more do we align,
So best of luck as we continue through*.

I check my reader probably twice a day -- first thing in the morning, and right after supper -- unless I get bored in between. Lately, I've been finding that I've been skimming over a few blogs at each sitting. While sometimes, it's a case of not being interested in that specific day's content for that blogger, I've been finding that some of the blogs I held near and dear early in my blogging career just don't challenge and inspire me the way they used to. It's not simply an issue that their content has gone stale, but that my personal outfit goals have changed so their blog is not immediately relevant. Even when these are blogs where I haven't developed a personal relationship with the writer, I feel so guilty when I consider removing them from my blog roll. I know I get a little down when I see my blog followers go down, rather than up (or remaining stagnant as mine tend to do).

I don't like starting my day with guilt rather than inspiration. As a result, this weekend, I'm going to carve out some time (somewhere - good grief, for an unemployed bum I certainly keep a busy schedule) and really evaluate who I'm reading, why I'm reading them, and what value their blog has to my life and my style. If you're stumbling upon this post because you've discovered I've stopped following you, I am truly sorry. It's not that your blog isn't great, it must be, if I chose to follow it in the beginning, it's simply that we've grown apart. I can only hope that our paths will cross again as we grow and evolve in our lives and in our closets.

*Cassidy, my apologies to you. It's been probably a decade since I've played with structured poetry. Writing this reminded me why I've stayed away for so long.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An occassion to dress

Having a post go live the same day you are wearing the outfit is hard. How did I do this before? Yesterday was my niece's first birthday, and while I didn't spend enough time with her to warrant a play-ready outfit, she was over at my house, meaning I needed to clean and babyproof in a hurry. Getting dressed meant finding two articles of clothing that would be adequately warm in our icebox of an apartment. As a result, I lost my beloved 24 hour delay for today's post. Fortunately, we have a busy weekend coming up, so I will have no problem regaining my beloved delay.

I've been trying to reduce my reliance on jeans. Yesterday, I managed to get pumpkin goo all down my comfiest pair of jeans, so that certainly should help until laundry day (I average laundry once every 3-4 weeks. Usually closer to 4, if I'm being honest. I own a lot of underwear). However, I'm spending more and more time alone with just me, and with that white stuff on the ground, it's harder and harder to convince myself to leave bed in the morning, let alone get out of my pajamas and into "outfits". Fortunately, my sister wanted to shoe shop, which is an occasion which demands an outfit. 

Out all day

A friend and I have been saying we'd get together for coffee for years now. While I was in Regina, she was in Dauphin, so we both agreed to meet in Yorkton, a smaller town halfway between. It never happened. We thought once we both moved to Winnipeg, it would be easier, but that was not the case. In fact, of the 7 or 8 times we've planned to meet, I think we've only met twice. However, when we do, we make it worthwhile. Today, we lingered over our coffee for 3 1/2 hours, in a secluded (read: empty) coffee shop with baristas who left us alone (read: left the shop). I tell you, I have the weirdest luck with cashiers and counter attendants.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Remember my Ms. Frizzle costume from 2009? I brought the skirt suit back from my parents' place this weekend with the intention to breaking it up and integrating it into my wardrobe. You know, that thing Stacy and Clinton don't like us to do. My mother was dubious about the skirt, and down right insistent that the top was just too much. Once again, I took my mother's opinion as a challenge.

It's kind of odd that I defy my mother's fashion advice, but I found myself, all weekend, desperately seeking my parents' approval of my employment strategy. Of course, I didn't come out and ask: "is this a practical idea?" or "should I not be so quick to jump to these resources" or "what would you recommend" so they didn't offer up any meaningful commentary besides the usual comments of support. I can't quite figure out why I am suddenly lacking my usual independent streak. Perhaps because this new venture of "career" is outside my usual frame of reference.

So what do you think? Of course, I do mostly mean of the shirt (too weird? too awesome?), but any job advice you have, well, I'm in no position to disregard it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Importance of Being Prepared

I realize that this post is going to feel similar to my Staples for a New Mom / College Bound Kid / Weekend Warrior, but I recently learned that one of my readers out there does not heed my advice about what staples she should own. Sadly, this reader is my own sister.

You see, we were at our parents' this weekend for the annual perogy cook-up, and once we had used up every last cup of flour, every last potato and every last ounce of energy, we decided to go for a walk. I threw on my white hoodie, my leather jacket, my black and white cowl, my black riding boots and my wine colour mitts (gotta add colour somewhere) and felt ready to conquer any length of walk, from a quick stroll around the block to a full couple of hour hike through the city. "Ah yes," I thought, "I packed appropriately for this trip".

My sister ran frantically around the house. She'd brought only a pair of heels. And a jacket that made her feel "schlumpy". And no mitts. While my mother was gracious enough to lend her both shoes and mitts, she complained all the way down the driveway about how awful she looked. I got so frustrated, I gave her my jacket. And my hoodie. And my mitts. And my cowl. (I kept the boots. Mom's shoes will be headed to the nearest garbage as soon as we can convince her they are too orthopedic-looking for her taste). Sure, I ended up looking like a schlub, but it certainly made for a quieter walk.

The issue at hand? Why buy sneakers when there are so many cool heels out there? The answer is: "Practicality". There are times in life when a sneaker is just necessary. Fortunately, we live in an age where sneakers have just as much personality as a pair of heels. While I have a modest selection of sneakers, here are some of my favourites from around the web!


Can you go wrong with Toms? From vegan options, to the one for one program, which donates shoes to children in need, this company has heart. And style.
Pictured: University Red Rope Sole (Women's Classics) 54USD


Sketchers may be marketing their Shape Ups like crazy right now, but they also have a program almost identical to Toms One for One for the shoes which are almost identical as well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Sure these aren't traditional sneakers, but the button and the rope on these are adorable!
Pictured: Women's Bobs - Contribute 40USD


Aldo is a household name for shoes in Canada, so why people don't peruse the sneaker collection when they go in to get their boots or heels is beyond me. I love the buckle that wraps around the heel of these houndstooth sneakers!
Pictured: Aeillo -19.98CAD


I can still remember my dad's vintage converse chucks sitting on our shoeshelf as a kid. While my mother threw them out, the Converse memory is strong! These shoes have an awesome sheen to them.
Pictured: All-Star Candy Metallics - 60USD

So whether your last memory of sneakers was velcro-straps or traumatic memories of tennis lessons, revisit the idea of a sneaker. There's a lot of style out there!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tradition! Tradition!... Tradition!

If you didn't immediately read that title in a singing voice à la Fiddler On the Roof, stop reading and go get yourself cultured. Or just Youtube the song. I like this Lego stop motion video.

Now, this post isn't exclusively about my Russian background. It's also about my Ukrainian background. The one thing I know that combines these two Slavic backgrounds is perogies. If there is any better reason to celebrate your heritage than perogies, let me know, and I'll tell you that you're wrong. Perogies are where it's at.

Every year, my parents get up at the crack of dawn on Remembrance Day to make perogies. Usually, I'd make my required one batch of dough (if you want to snag a few bags for yourself, you do have to do something for them), and then retreat to the basement to do homework. However, this year, I find myself wonderfully free... to play with my niece while everyone else works oh so very hard! I really doubt that anyone expects very much from me, I like to keep the bar low. I'd post pictures, but apparently I'm the only extrovert in the family that lets my face surface on the internet.

It's doubly exciting since this may end up being the first time that my whole family has been at my parents at the same time (Scott - if you don't make it out today, it's ok, homework is important. I'll miss you, and bring home extra bags of yumminess!).

Also, I'm contemplating doing some vlogs - any suggestions for subjects?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love my little niece more than I love this blog. Since I knew I was going to be spending the afternoon with her, I didn't put on blog-worthy clothes. I put on fun, bright, comfortable clothes, randomly layering as I went. I ended up wearing an outfit I used to wear all the time on the blog, so really, no point in photographing it when I can just link it!

To give you some photographic love, today, I did take a picture of my lunch. Mmmm.... yellow curry with chicken and rice! In case you don't follow me on Pinterest, the recipe can be found here. I found it didn't have enough coconut flavour and sweetness, so I'll work on tweeking that to my liking. A few weeks ago, my sister kept saying: "come over and watch the hockey game with me, and I'll order Thai!" and every time I expressed and interest, she'd say something like: "oh, I had Chinese last night, I can't do take out twice in a row" or some other lame excuse, so I finally got frustrated and found myself a recipe to satisfy my own craving. For curry, not for hockey. I could live without that. Both Scott and I have been finding recipes lately that we like, and are working on tweaking until we love! Not only is it cheaper than going out, it also allows us to try new and different things!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inspiration - Motivation = Meh

Here is my inspiration for this outfit.
Pinned from here

Then I had a bad day, and spent most of it indulging in wonderful crafty projects (if my sister didn't read this, I'd tell you the awesome stuff I'm working on for my niece's birthday). The outfit, once I changed out of my sewing clothes late in teh afternoon, only made it this far.

But I liked my hair!!! I need a bit more practice on the execution, but it's a good way to do a basic pony!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheating and Job Interviews (two unrelated ideas)

I feel like I'm cheating on EBEW, linking up an outfit I wore last week. However, I have a 24 hour delay on my posts, which means Monday's outfit gets posted Tuesday, and I didn't read about the EBEW challenge for the month until Monday morning, after I'd already snapped pictures. Rather than waking up at the crack of dawn to put on bright tights, specifically the ones I'd worn last week, I cheated. And then told all of you about it. Can you tell I was rarely the type to do anything bad in high school? I can remember in Grade 11 History, we had map tests, where we had to label various countries in the world and place their capital cities. I believe we were on Africa one day when I forgot about the quiz, and we had a substitute. When she said: "Put your books on the floor," I "accidentally" dropped my agenda open to the map of the world. Unfortunately, the print was too small for me to see, ruining my first and only chance at cheating on anything important*. Fortunately, the majority of the class was caught cheating, and so we had a re-test a few days later, for which I was most prepared!
I know, I need to do detail shots now that winter lighting is upon us and I am unable to fix the balance on my pictures to avoid anything that is a solid colour to come out in a detail-less shape. Or I need a better flash and maybe a reflector or two. Or a photography studio. With a photographer!
Anyway, out of high school and into a job interview. It was hard to dress for this one, being it was my first winter job interview (having been a student for so long, I've never interviewed during a time when I needed more than a light coat). It's not quite cold enough for my winter jacket, but I knew I couldn't stuff a blazer under my between-seasons leather jacket. Wanting the structure of a blazer, but without the bulk, this vest, which was almost on its way into the giveaway pile, worked perfectly. I wish I had gone a bit more creative with my look, since the job is in a very creative industry. However, I think interviewed well. The company seemed like the type that wouldn't waste their time on candidates that they "guessed" would work, so the competition is fierce. I'm not expecting to get the job, but it was a really fun experience, definitely making up for the last interview which was, of course, a giant failure. Plus, the office is beside a really great toy store, and just down the street from a fabulous vintage clothing store, so I may have peeked into both before getting myself horridly lost looking for the bus to go home.

*I'm not saying I was immune to the occasional borrowing of one's grammar answers minutes before class and scribbling them down, having forgot the assignment and knowing it wasn't for marks. The teacher did do daily homework checks, and she noted how messily written my answers were on one particular day. She even brought it up with my parents at teacher-interview day, being very confused as to why it would look like I had done my homework on a bus when I lived just a block from the school. I can't really tell if she was being glib, or whether she actually had no clue what had gone on in the hall just minutes before that class. I dated her son for almost three years after high school and never once got up the nerve to ask her. She was scary as an English teacher, but she was even scarier as the mother of a boyfriend. Hmm, remembering her makes me want to go find my mother-in-law and give her a giant hug.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Casual Compendium

I have a very sleepy Scott curled up next to me on the couch tonight, which is a pretty perfect way to end a lonely weekend. The number of weekends left of him working and finishing school projects are limited (his course is quite intensive so he had to give his notice at work in order to keep up in the classroom), but this weekend seemed extra lonely, as winter is definitely sending it's cold breath down our necks.

Saturday, I reached for warm knits to ease the strain on my aging car's heating system as I drove into the armpit of the city from the sprawling suburbs. There are many areas of the city which are beautiful and unique in their own way, there is just one route through the city which is both ugly and congested, particularly on a Saturday, especially when it's 70 minutes, roundtrip. Fortunately, this wool skirt is super comfortable. I found it at Value Village on Thursday. It's by Rodier, and based on my research, I'm guessing it's from the mid-80s, when the brand - which originated in France in 1852. Jacques Rodier even provided CoCo Channel with jersey knit which launched her line into fame. According to an eBay auction, it appears that this skirt was originally sold with a wool mock neck sweater. I'll consider it a good deal at $6. 

Sunday was spent dreaming up craft and sewing projects, and then fighting my way through the remnant and clearance bins. It's horrible curse, this imagination. I'm now undertaking a fairly large scale project with a short deadline and without any patterns. Apparently these boots were a go-to this weekend, but their comfort-level is perfect for the lazy days!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Breakfast to Job fair in One Quick Switch

It's not often that I'm double booked. By double booked, of course, I mean having to do two things in one day, not necessarily the same time. A friend was in town, so four of us met up for breakfast. Of course, I also had to make an appearance at a job fair. Trying to balance going to an organic restaurant in a trendy neighbourhood (Fresh in Corydon, for those of you who live in Winnipeg) with a chic Torontonian, a preppy but fashionable retail manager, and (she will yell at me for calling her) a hipster and going to a job fair interacting with prominent local businesses and professional associations was not easy. When I was outfit planning, I came out in my power suit with splashes of colour, and Scott said: "Jill will laugh at you". Next I came out in flowy numbers and Scott said: "Even I can't take you seriously". Finally, I went with the cursed eShakti dress(whose first venture ended in a broken zipper, and whose second venture was to a funeral). With a casual cotton cardi for brunch, and a structured jacket for networking, I thought the balance worked well.

Unfortunately, the majority of jobs were more trade related, and I am not one to work well with my hands. It certainly appeals to me from a financial standpoint (there are always jobs out there in many of these trades) and not a personal interest standpoint. However, with a couple helpful tips from some crown corporations (ignore your career counselor: companies do consider unsolicited, open applications even before posting a job), it was certainly worth the few minutes of my time.

Plus, I always give myself a treat whenever I do something outside my comfort zone, like job interviews and career fairs: I checked out a different thrift store. I walked out with some tupperware (just like my mom's for storing crackers! Woohoo!), a wool acordian pleat skirt and a (faux) silk tie neck blouse with flutter sleeves. Plus, every second sweater I picked up had fabulous words like "wool" or "angora" or "cashmere". Too bad none of them fit, because at $2.99, they'd have been a steal! I'm thinking of doing a Thrifting Post or an In and Out post soon, so stay tuned!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today, I'm attending a career fair. It's always difficult to judge just how to prepare materials for meeting companies, especially when there was little to no information as to who would be there and for what would they be hiring. To make it more complicated, as you can remember, I've played around with adding my blog to my resume, and ultimately decided it's a case by case decision. The solution seemed obvious, but somewhat time consuming. I needed to have a standard resume and cover letter not specifically mentioning the blog (but mentioning an interest in social media, since that is a huge buzz word around the job scene these days). I would also need to have something to pass around, in case the blog became apparent as an asset for a particular position or company. The easy answer? Business cards.

No big deal. I've been using a standard image for all my blog related avatars. I could easily develop a business card with the same image, font and colour scheme. I set to work, only to realize that I created it on Scott's brother's computer (which Scott had been borrowing for the last year), which is all boxed up ready to be returned to Andrew.

No big deal. I could quickly throw together a new one using Scott's new computer with some fancy pants Photoshop, or one of the awesome little apps he has on his new iPad. Unfortunately, he was installing iOS 5 on the iPad, through his computer.

No big deal? Now I'm designing a whole new image for my brand, on a netbook who is starting to feel a little bogged down from the limited photo editing I already do on it! However, once the business cards were made, redesigning a header and a colour scheme were easy peasy. So if you're checking me out through a reader, make sure you click over to the blog itself and take a look! And I'm looking for feedback - especially about the size and layout. It's hard to tell what they look like in the real world when you design them on an itty bitty screen!

Coincidentally, this post about the blog redesign marks my 600th post! I swear my 500th was just a few weeks ago! I could mark this momentous occasion with a giveaway, but I'm holding out for doing that when I read 100 followers through Google Friend Connect (see my sidebar!). So if you're following through another reader, when you stop by to check out the redesign, be sure to follow me through GFC!

You've seen the digital content, but here is a picture of me on paper!
(Minus my name, which I'm really only ok with seeing in print. I have the illusion none of you know my full name. Ha!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Matchy Matchy Matchy

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear
I've been struggling with a serious case of lethargy lately. I'm hoping that it's just due to lack of sleep. Life certainly doesn't seem to be helping. I think I had the most depressing cashier at the grocery store yesterday. About halfway through my groceries, he started a monologue:

"Sometimes, I think I must just be a machine. After all, machines do the same thing over and over and over again. There's no point in living if you're just a machine. No point at all. Might as well just be done with it. But you seem to see me, and are reacting to what I said, so I mustn't be a machine, so I guess life is ok after all. That's good, I don't want to be a machine today. But there's always tomorrow. Always tomorrow".

Given my near failure to deal with my own neurosis (having found myself back in bed in the middle of the afternoon having a temper tantrum with myself over going grocery shopping at all), I felt the appropriate reaction was to say as little as possible through our interaction, but maintain a horrified look on my face. Every shopping experience at that store has been odd for one reason or another (yams labeled as sweet potatoes, continuous price discrepancies, gift cards which mysteriously lose their balance), so I think that may have been the last straw. I think from now on I'll be shopping at the store a few blocks further down the street. Too bad Scott still has to work there...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween!

I'll admit, the chambray shirt was a bit of a red herring in yesterday's post. We went to a TV show themed Halloween party (it was retro TV show, and we justified our costumes by saying it was a show which had been canceled, brought back in movie form, then renewed). Scott's a little mad that I didn't let him go as his first choice of cancelled TV character (Tobias, from Arrested Development, wearing both the never nude shorts and the Blueman Group paint). However, I'm happy with what we went with: Leela and Zoidberg from Futurama