Monday, January 9, 2012

Curating My Closet 2

Why did I buy this jacket?
I had seen it at the super-cheap tweeny-bopper store for $15. Then I bought the exact same jacket at Value Village for about half the price. While the deal made it seem worthwhile, keeping my eye on the jacket was due primarily because my friend Erica had a similar jacket in yellow, and she was the first person I knew, in real life, whose style was unique and clearly reflected her identity. No, the irony is not lost on me.

What works on this jacket?
It has colour. It also brought a more casual flare to my corporate get up. Finally, it has a nicely fitted elastic on the base.

What doesn't work on this jacket?
It's slightly boxier design, and so I found it hard to integrate into my style.

What is going to happen to this one?
First come first serve, 5CAD 10USD. If no takers, it'll go in the mail to a special person... surprise!

How have I worn it?


  1. It is a great color, but I could see how the cut of it could be challenging to work with, though I like your picture of it with the black tank and dark jeans!

  2. Aww I love that jacket. I just thrifted a similar shaped one in black, only it's got a zipper instead of buttons and slightly poofier sleeves.

    Sometimes we hang onto/wear stuff because it reminds us other people.

  3. LOVE! Too funny that you bought it twice-I would be all over buying one but have about 3 very similar jackets in red so will have to pass. I love all the different ways it can be styled-very chic!

  4. It's super cute with jeans and a tee. And I love the color. But if you just keep staring at it, it's time to let it go.:)


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