Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do I really have to go back??

Sigh, this is the outfit from my last day of freedom. It's a good balance between what I wore for most of the break (jeans, cotton tank or tee, usually topped with a hoodie) and what I hope to wear this year (colouful clothes that make me feel confident).

But yes, I go back to work this morning. While I don't make new year's resolutions at the turn of the calendar, but rather 6 days later, on my birthday (this Friday), I've been tossing them around in my head. I found myself using the same three words when discussing my job with family over the break: verging, challenging and rewarding, which I'm going to relate to ideas of hope, patience and fulfillment.


  1. Great color combo to start off the week! It kind of sucks having to go back to work though huh?

  2. I love the color combo and I like that the shirt ties at the top, very cute!

  3. That purple blouse is so cute. I bet it would look adorable layered over a dress. Hooray for colorful clothes.


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