Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hemming and Hawing.

I'm slowly getting behind in my outfits, to the point where I'm almost a week between photographing and posting. I'm pretty confused. I've tried to keep writing the posts as I wear the outfits, but that really defeats any benefit of getting ahead of schedule.

This outfit was from the first day of real winter - the windy, snowy, cold weather winter, not the ambient temperatures and slushy snow we unexpectedly had for the first month of the season. Dressing for the weather when it unexpectedly hits is hard - immediately, I migrate to darker colours.

Fortunately, the darkness of winter is cancelled out by the bright, shiny newness of Christmas and birthday presents. I've ultimately decided the pants need to be hemmed - the issue becomes "how short"? Any one have any tips on how to determine the best length of pant for being worn WITHOUT shoes?


  1. That's a bit difficult because when are you going to wear the pants without shoes? I think you need to decide what heel height you want to wear with them and then hem the pants from there. Unfortunately there is not magic length that works really well with both flats and heels. Good luck!

  2. I like the bright red sweater! I tend to gravitate to darker colors in the winter too, I think because it's so gray all the time outside. I'm trying to go with more color too though!

  3. Pick the lowest heels you have and get them hemmed to that. Especially if you aren't going to be wearing them WITH shoes at work. They should rest at the bottom of your heel in the back with a slight fold over the front of your foot. If I can come across the reference photos I found on someone's blog forever ago, I'll link you.


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