Thursday, January 12, 2012

How short is too short?

I had a great birthday weekend... yes, a whole weekend. In case you couldn't tell, the theme of this week is becoming "Cara is spoiled". I did intend on taking a picture of all of my birthday weekend outfits, but I didn't really get the time. It's Wednesday, but I'm still trying to recover from the busy pace I kept. Friday was quality birthday time with Scott; Saturday was shopping with my mom and sister, then supper with the whole family. Sunday was breakfast with my parents, followed by brunch with my in-laws, and finally having friends over for some games that evening.

Needless to say, Monday morning came early. Earlier than inspected, indeed. I was awakened before my alarm by emergency vehicle sirens on the street. I didn't get back to sleep, despite my best efforts (which included turning off my alarm and tossing and turning for a good 20 minutes passed when I should have got out up). I had planned on wearing this outfit (with classier tights and a pair of heels) to church on Christmas Eve (before finding out we were double booked for the evening and ended up playing games at Scott's aunts & uncles), so it was great to have an outfit to just throw on without any thought.

I'm not sure about the skirt's length. On the one hand, the lack of heels at work definitely helped shorten the leg-line. On the other, the longer sweater definitely decreased the appearance of the skirt. No comment was made at work, other than a reference to me still classing up the joint, so from an office dress code, I suppose it was long enough. My thoughts? The jury is still out.

What do you think? To short for even my casual office?


  1. I don't think it's too short! I have been taking chances on shorter items too - though I'm not as tall as you - but I haven't had any complaints from anyone yet, so I figure it's all good. At long as your bootie is covered I think it's safe, lol!

  2. It doesn't look too short from here. Love your pretty red sweater too :)

  3. I wouldn't wear it without tights to work, but I see no problem with the length in tights/flats. I bet it would even look alright with leggings under it, if you can get away with that. You're not in the dangerous "chocha" zone, but it is a bit shorter than your average knee-length business-attire skirt.

    I think it looks cute, especially under the long sweater. The proportions are interesting, I think I might try out a similar look with my star sweater and star skirt (which is also shorter). Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Sometimes I think there are serious gray areas in business standards, or dressing standards in general. This skirt looks totally office appropriate in this picture. But I think if you didn't have on black tights and if you were wearing sky-high heels that would be a totally different story. It's amazing to me how sometimes the accents help make an outfit appropriate, or not, for certain events or situations. Although, my rule of thumb is when in doubt go for something else. Rather you wear something you are comfortable in than something you second guess all day. Love this red sweater on you!! - Katy

  5. Perfect birthday weekend fun! I say as long as you can get something on the bottom shelf without exposing yourself you're probably ok. Especially with tights on.

  6. I love your sweater. Red is such a pretty color on you!


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