Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's black, it's white

Being sick last week, I only pulled one real outfit together. It was inspired by this pin of Kendi from Kendi Everday.

I do like how she's mixing brown and black, but it just didn't work on me - without boots, it's hard to pull things like that together. Instead, I went with black and white. I know, I think I said the last time I wore this that I was going to try to mix in colour, but when you're feeling under the weather, trying to add colour is pretty hard. My mucus filled brain only sees shades of grey.


  1. I love your dress! It's cute! Nothing wrong with some shades of gray!

  2. I love your black and white outfit with shades of gray. You look very pulled together and chic.


  3. Well I, for one, think you look adorable. And now I have that Michael Jackson song stuck in my head. Thanks for that. ;)

  4. This is adorable! Nothing like a good bit of inspiration to get the day going. Black and white outfits don't always need a pop of color.

  5. Very cute! I love your take on this outfit and boo for being sick- I hope you're feeling better!


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