Monday, January 23, 2012

It's my bag

Ask my sister, or my parents, or my husband, and they'll all likely same the same thing. I'm a little bit of a control freak. In my defense, I strongly believe that the more organized and prepared you are, the better the chances are of success. I want to share with you the strategies I use to try and keep the world spinning in the same direction and at the same speed as I am. 

Now, this is not a sponsored post. The company has not contacted me, and I am expecting no compensation for what I'm saying. I seriously just love Lug bags. Maybe it's sentimentality (my first Lug bag was dragged around the festival site at Lollapalooza in 2008), maybe it's quality (that bag survived many trips after that), but you can't deny the best ringing endorsement for Lug bags is how easy it is to be organized using them.

My in-laws gave me a Lug bag (the Cable Car Satchel) for Christmas, to replace the now-looking-bedraggled-but-still-functional first Lug bag. I tried using it stash everything I'd need from morning to evening commute on the average work day, but it quickly became clear it could handle me... just not all the materials I needed for the overtime I suddenly found myself doing. Sure enough, Scott bought me the Cabbie Social for my birthday so he could stop carrying my books to the bus (perhaps this is the modern version of chivalry?!?).

Whether it's entertainment for the commute, reference materials for client meetings, leftovers for lunch, or mints, kleenexes and lozenges for any ears, nose and throat distress, it's quick, easy and it's at hand.


Why did I purchase this?
I grabbed this dress in 2009 at Value Village, attracted by the "vintage" Ricki's label. I place it about mid-80s.(Ricki's in a Canadian chain target ing young working women.Interesting and rather unknown fact: Ricki's started in my little hometown of Brandon Manitoba in 1939. It's still headquartered in Manitoba.)

Why did it work?
I love the idea of winter white in a winter knit. I also liked the length once I shortened it. 

Why didn't it work?
The knit is pulling in places, the sleeves are a little 80s, and I am not inspired by it. Not to mention the fact that it is a touch sheer.

How have I worn it?

What will happen to it?
Back to Value Village, unless someone speaks up!


  1. It is a nice looking dress on you, but if it's sheer I'm sure it's a bit hard to work with!

  2. I'm making *gimme* hands at the green bag. Do I even want to look up how much they are? I'm constantly disorganized and could really use an organized bag.

    I really love your vintage-y sweater dress. I understand your reasons for getting rid of it though. Sometimes as pretty as something is it can be a challenge. Too sheer/lightweight fabrics are often the hardest pieces.

  3. I used to have a very similar dress in the 80s!

    I still pick up camisoles at Ricki's - it's not a bad store.

  4. I carry multiple bags. One is the purse and then my lunch bag. And then I fit a water bottle, coffee cup and smoothie cup in there somewhere. It's craziness! I love your green bag. The utility is amazing! The color is even better!


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