Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 21-27th

So I finally figured out some basic technology - you know, transferfing pictures from my phone to my computer by bluetooth, rather than emailing them. I mean, I've only had both for almost 3 years. Anyway, I might make this "Week in Photos" a regular occurrence. It was fun taking random pictures! Then again, my week seems to consist of commuting and working.

These are two of my most common views - the first is actually on the bus, where as the second is the view from where I meet my connecting bus. Then again, the second one is usually during darker skies (shh... I slipped out of work early on Friday). It's looking toward the most iconic intersection in Winnipeg - Portage and Main.

This week marked the beginning of the renovations of our space at work. Do you see where those chairs are? One day earlier, there was a wall that my desk butted up against. 

Despite the renovations, it's still business as usual. This is the (censored) view from my spot at the Friday afternoon debriefing. And yes,  if you do notice, there is one person whose style is just as good as mine when it comes to socks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing parts of your day. I always enjoy seeing the snap shots people take and the story the pictures tell. It's like being able to be nosy without asking. ;D


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