Friday, January 27, 2012

My Shoe Alternatives

When I was thinking re-orienting my blog, I quickly came up with a longer list of subjects than I had days in a week. Looking at my list, I also realized it just wasn't possible to sustain a weekly post on each subject. Sure, it might have been possible to read a book each week, but not when I also would have to sew each dress a week, knit a scarf each week, watch a movie eac week, go on a date each week, explore a new area of the city each week... you get my point. This blog was about letting me regain my life, not be dictated by it! So I grouped ideas together. If Monday is organizing, Tuesday is dressing, Wednesday is exercising and Thursday is eating, the best way to describe my Friday posts, which are a catch-all for everything mentioned above, will be "Doing".

Immediately, I knew I had to talk about my slippers first. Working in a shoeless office is a really different experience. While it's great for days when you have an idea for an outfit, but can't pick out the shoes, it also means you have to pay attention to your feet. Are there holes in my socks? Do they match my outfit? Do they match each other? Are they a subtle enough pattern? And worst of all, running around in sock feet all day gets hard on the socks.

I have only worn cotton socks and tights since I've started, knowing full well I would burn through nylons in no time without any shoes to protect the delicate weave. Since all my pattern tights are nylon, it was a rather grim realization. Until I remembered slippers. While we aren't allowed floofy bunny slippers, there is little they can say about a good, homemade knit slipper. Slowly, I hope to build my slipper collected up to the point it rivals my shoe collection in number, colour and style.


  1. Those are very cute! They look comfy too!

  2. Those slippers look so cozy! =)

  3. I'm very intrigued as to why you can't wear shoes at work...please do tell!

  4. Ooh those are so adorable. I think it would drive me nuts to work in a shoe-free environment. I need feet coverings.

  5. I love this idea and your slippers are adorable! You could make them in every color of the rainbow and beyond!


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