Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions / Curating My Wardrobe

I came across an article on the curated wardrobe a while ago, referred from a source which I can't remember. It stuck in my mind as I packed a suitcase for Christmas. It stuck in my mind as I did laundry. It stuck in my mind as I considered what to pick out for a birthday present from my parents. I'm not about to reject any gifts of clothing, nor am I going to purge my whole wardrobe and start again. I am going to tackle what may in fact be excess clothing by aggressively, but yet logically, weeding through my wardrobe.

Every Monday, I am going to feature an article of clothing that is going into my "give away" box. I will explain why I purchased it (if I remember), why it worked, and ultimately, why it doesn't fit into my curated closet. I'm certain that as I venture on this journey, I will discover that all these pieces are "good enough." My newly curated wardrobe, I hope, will be "great".


Why did I buy this shirt?
I was looking for longer shirts / tunics that were patterned, figuring I'd be wearing a lot of skinny jean / tunic combos when writing my thesis, and at least pattern would add variety. 

What worked on this item?
It had pattern, the colours worked with my skin tone (I think), and it had the length I had wanted. 

What didn't work on this item?
I broke my cardinal rule of shopping: I didn't try it on, so I didn't realize that the top was empire-waisted, and created the classical pregnant woman tent not useful to the non-pregnant woman. 

What's the plan for this item? 
It's up for grabs! Since it's barely worn, we're looking at 5CAD, with free shipping to Canada or 10CAD to the US. Otherwise, it'll be donated to the next person I hear is pregnant.

How have I worn it?


  1. This is a valuable way at looking at clothes. Hearing your inner-dialogue teaches us. It teaches me, at least. I learn a lot from listening to informed women like you talk about clothes. Thanks for the education -- please keep it up!

  2. I love this feature! What a neat way at looking at what you have in your closet!

  3. This is going to be a great feature! It's so true about buying something and then it ends up not working for you in the long run. We should all have a closet full of clothes that we love!

  4. Ah, yes. I've learned the hard way of not trying tops on while thrifting. I never assume anymore. I love the color and way you styled the difficult tunic. I think your best bet is just to look for different cuts in that same color.


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