Friday, January 13, 2012

Not in the pink

Whenever I get stuck on what to wear, I always go back to Lenore's advice: take one business piece, then add some colour. I also knew it was going to be the last nice day before winter hit (I shouldn't complain about winter not hitting until mid-January, I know), so I decided to give my favourite H&M jumper a wear.

I'm undecided about the outfit. Actually, I love everything about the outfit EXCEPT the pink. The company that I'm working for right now uses a very bright pink in their brand. While we are going through a rebrand that will limit the colour, I'm find I'm unable to look at the colour the same way. Unfortunately, it was one of my favourite colours prior to this job, and thus, I own a lot of it. Any outfit I make with the colour just makes me feel like I'm unwittingly a walking billboard for the company.

Are there any colours that you have loved that suddenly become tainted? How do you deal with it?


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that pink was sorda ruined for you. You look amazing in this outfit though! Hhmmm, I dont think any colors have been ruined for me just yet.

  2. I worked at Target back in high school and then my sorority's color was red - so for awhile I got very, VERY tired of red and wanted little to do with it. I like it again now though.

    I do think it's a cute outfit on you even if you're not loving the pink!

  3. Aww, I like the pink, but I'm not sure that the sweater is playing as nice with collar shirt. Sorry that the color has been tainted for you. I am not really affected by colors. I like them, but can generally disassociate colors from too many memories. Most colors remind me of food or I come up with food-related names (avocado, sherbet, lemon, watermelon, etc) for certain shades. It keeps me from thinking "oh these are school, logo, etc, colors."

  4. I actually like the pink (in the outfit, that is), but I agree with Megan that the collar might be a little much. A Peter Pan collar would push it into schoolgirl territory, so I think just the sweater alone could work too.


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