Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shabby Apple - A Review & Give Away

(If you're interested in the giveaway, it's at the bottom of the page!!)

I can remember being so disappointed as a child at Christmas and birthdays when I would open up a present and find clothing inside. Of course, now that I'm an adult and people are significantly less likely to willingly gift me Lego, I find getting clothes exciting. Not only does it make my closet so much fuller and thus me so much happier (consumerism at its finest), but usually these gifts are a higher quality, more expensive product than I'm usually willing to give myself. I tend to rely on others to spoil me, so I can make small, inexpensive impulse purchases myself. I consider it a sound financial strategy, but I do miss out on spoiling myself with a slightly bigger ticket item from time to time - something I can pick out for myself.

I received a perfect opportunity to spoil myself just before Christmas without the financial strain it would put on our continuing student-budget, when Shabby Apple sent me an email asking if I wanted to work with them on a couple little projects. Considering one of them was to receive a dress of my choice for review, I jumped at the chance.

It wasn't an easy choice selecting a dress. There were two requirements that I had for the dress - it had to be casual enough to wear to work (oh, sentence I didn't think I'd utter) and it had to fit, but I'll get into that part later. In the end, I chose New Caledonia - a great red dress.

The Website:
The Shabby Apple website is mostly laid out well. Dresses are initially organized by "line", with names like "Roamin' Holiday." (My dress is from the South Pacific line). However, then there is also the option to browse the dresses by categories like: "white dress" or "shirt dress." Unfortunately, it also includes obscure categories like: "essential," which isn't quite explained anywhere.It would be nice if it was sorted by colour, clearer styles, or even by available size.

There are three strong reasons I like the Shabby Apple website. First of all, they integrate reviews onto each product page, and they don't appear to be censored. Secondly, they create little stories for each of the dresses. Sure, they contribute limited value in the shopping process; however, they are just cute. Finally, they provide many pictures of their dresses - usually about 3 on a model from a variety of angles and "actions," as well as a number of the dress on a dress maker's form. There are very few surprises when the dress arrives.

The Shipping
I placed my order in the late hours of December 18th, so we'll call it the 19th. The dress arrived on January 6th. Elapsed time was 17 days, 12 of which were standard business days. Shabby Apple states on their site international orders take 10-14 business days. Not only did the dress arrive on time, it did so during the extremely busy holiday season. I do like that they ship through USPS, and then by Canada Post, as that is my preferred shipping method.

The good news? I was not charge customs, so that is one area where Canadians can breathe a sigh of relief. The bad news? The cost of shipping runs at $29.95 for orders under $100, and climb from there. Yikes. The dress was shipped in a bag (rather than a box), but it was a good solid package. The bag was quite beaten, but was completely intact.

The Quality
When I opened the bag, it was obvious I was touching a quality dress. The New Caledonia is made of thick cotton/poly jersey, and it is, indeed, thick. While my cotton dresses usually remain in my closet until the sun's spring rays grace the earth, I have no doubt I can wear this dress near all year round (though maybe not on the hotter summer days). The seams are solid as well. No complaints in the least, and if I am a return customer, you can guarantee the quality is what brought me back.
The Fit
Shabby Apple likely has the most confusing size issues of any website from which I've ordered. Their size chart runs one size smaller than most other size charts, a claim that is reiterated at the top of every product page. However, just as soon as you learn that, you realize that each product description further complicates the process: there are often notes like: "Buxom ladies might want to order a size up" or "fits generously by Shabby apple standards." Add to that the comments in the reviews like: "very curve conscious, order up if you don't want every bulge to show". However, once you get used to the idea that you have to research each product, it ends up being some what of an attribute in the end. My chest size is smaller than the smallest Shabby Apple size (XXS). I browsed through all dresses, selected the ones I liked. I then eliminated any dresses not in my size. Finally, I read the full product description and the reviews to find out how the dress fit compared to the size charts. Once I found all the dresses not suitable for buxom ladies, I could decide on my favourite dress that would fit. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but my dress fits in the chest almost perfectly. Almost. 

The Verdict
If you've read my past reviews, you know that I am honest. Yes, the website is a little complicated, the sizes are a little disorienting, and the cost of shipping makes me want to hide my pocketbook, but the dresses are gorgeous, the quality is great, and the company has heart. Will I order from Shabby Apple again? I will - some day when I have the funds to spoil myself!

The Give Away
We have a dress for you! Ok, not all of you, but one of you! In order to be eligible to win the dress of your choice (any dress from the Shabby Apple website, except the Green Leaf collection), you have to do three things

1. Like Shabby Apple on Facebook (and while you're there, like me too! But don't worry, it's not required)
2. Do something nice for someone else
3. Leave ONE comment telling me you have both liked Shabby Apple on Facebook and tell me what you did for someone else. No lying now!

The contest will close Friday at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time, and the winner (drawn at random) will be announced at 7:30 am Sunday morning.

Don't like taking a gamble or too impatient to wait until Sunday to place an order? Use carascloset10off as a discount code at check out, and you'll receive 10% off your order. The code is valid for the next 30 days (Of course, there is also a new year's discount of 20% being offered right now too, so I won't blame you if you use that instead!!). 


  1. I like Shabby Apple on fb and am giving away some really amazing prizes from my business in a big giveaway:)

  2. I like them on FB "Crave to Save"! As for something nice I helped a co-worker fix her keyboard tray today on her desk ;-)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  3. liked shabby apple on fb, gave my last giveaway win to my mother in law
    anna pry

  4. What a great giveaway and your new dress looks fantastic on you!!

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook! And my nice deed of the day was to bring my brother breakfast to his workplace (he never eats breakfast and I've told him a cazillion times that it's just not healthy!).

    thejoyoffashion (at) hotmail [dot] com

  5. Fabulous dress!

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB. My good deed of the day was making and shipping homemade butter cookies to my mother, who is stuck on a bland diet for the next two months due to a medical condition but has been cleared for very basic baked goods.


  6. I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook. And my nice deed of the day...I cooked dinner and prepped homemade to-go lunches for my hubby. I also gave chocolate to my co-worker. She just would die without it.:)

    Awesome giveaway!

  7. like SA on fb Julie A Scott Laws
    a nice thing I did was babysit for my best friend while she and her husband went out

  8. I like Shabby Apple on Facebook (Sheena Tatum). My nice deed is for you. I'll email ya :).