Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Speaking of Being Spoiled!

Black + White | Everybody, EverywearYesterday, I told you that I rarely spoil myself, and I get spoiled by others (such as Shabby Apple - don't forget to enter the give away!). Last Friday, I finally got a chance to wear the great blazer my grandparents gave me for Christmas from Mexx - a store I've only recently dared to enter, and only when not looking at price tags (retail is hard to stomach when you've been thrifting almost exclusively for nearly a year). I love the waist details, the fact that one of buttons on each sleeve is sewn with purple thread and the departing diagonal lines of the bottom jacket when buttoned. I saw it and immediately thought: "And that's me".

Of course, finding something to wear with one of the few pieces in your closet that are undeniably "you" is pretty difficult. I stuck with black and white (I should have posted this yesterday and linked up with EBEW!) I'll admit even the next outfit kicking around my head is also black and white. Very odd, since I consider myself a colourful person!

Do you have any clothes in your closet that seem excessively "you?"


  1. Omg LOVE. The only thing I love as much as shoes is a well cut blazer. Many thanks going to the grandparents, that was a good purchase.

    I cringe when shopping for retail now. I adore thrifting and often think "7 dollars for a DRESS?! too much." I've gotten so spoiled by it. I've been thrifting pretty exclusively, but I still splurge on the occasional special piece. But you bet I hunt sales, coupons and ebay before purchasing.

  2. I got a lot of them. Since I made a vow about 2 years ago to only buy things I LOVE it made it much more the case. blouses with different fabrics in the collar or cuffs. Things that looks like plain patterns but up close are butterflies or a tardis.

    I almost never pay retail for anything. Some makeup brands I do because they never go one sale. Everything else I scour and stalk until I can knock the price down.

  3. Your new jacket is absolutely fantastic and very "you"!!! I have certain dresses and skirts that seem so "me" that I feel that they were made just for me... hehe. I know how you feel :)

  4. There are certainly a few for me as well. And they tend to all be crazy prints! In any case, the fit of that jacket on you is pretty amazing. :)

  5. You look great!
    btw, I am hosting a giveaway in my blog... a $100 voucher to spend at Boticca! I would love to see you around :D

  6. That is a great blazer. It looks like it fits you perfectly!

  7. That's a really beautiful blazer on you-fits like a glove! I've never shopped at Mexx for myself (because I'm a bargainista) but I have bought my man a few pieces from there-they have really great mens wear!

  8. beautiful! Congrats on taking off from the consumer culture for a whole year!

  9. Love that blazer. Actually perfect for you and you really look great. :)

    Cathy@The Top 10 Richest Models


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