Monday, February 27, 2012

Can you tell I'm getting rid of empire waists?

Ugh - nothing worse than writing up a whole blog post about a shirt you want to give away, only to realize you can't take a picture of it because you've already given it away!!!! You'll have to use your imagination

A friend gave me this shirt when she was weeding out her closet. I think she said she gave it to me because it was too girly for her. I'm completely "meh" about it now. I think I just don't like empire waists. Good thing to remember for the future.

Why did I take it?
It was cute and girly, and I was still in the giddy "love" phase where I felt I had to be cute and girly.

Why did it work?
It's not a blousy empire waist that doesn't work on me. It's just rubberized dots, stitched or woven.

How have I worn it?

I know I've worn it more - just never blogged about it. And it's barely visible in this picture. It's black with purple dots, comme ├ža:

What will happen to it?
Went to my sister - haven't heard back from her about it.


  1. Hmmm... I didn't know people went through phases of feeling "cute and girly" and then not feeling that way. It's been a pretty constant feeling in me. :)

    The world is full of nice clothes. There's no reason to hang on to anything you don't like. I am, however, jealous of your sister getting this!

  2. I hear you on empire waists - I used to love them and am finding more and more I'm not as much of a fan anymore.

  3. I hate an empire waist. Rather, they hate me. Nothing worse than looking knocked up when you're not actually with child. My mom bought me a top a few weeks ago from Kohl's that has like, a little gather in the front where an empire seam would be and I didn't have the heart to refuse it. I'll probably wear it under a jacket!

  4. I think there have been very few empire waist tops that have stayed in my closet. I think I own a total of one that is mainly worn under jackets or at home since I know it has that "pregnant" look. I think pink is a good color on you, but empire waists look good on very few people.


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