Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cardigans & Blazers Week

After doing a rather thorough tidy this weekend, I decided to count my blazers. Twice. I didn't quite believe the number the first time. Sure enough, both counts came to 15. When I recounted the tale to my mother, she commented that maybe I certainly took Stacey and Clinton's advice on creating structure and fit to heart. I mused on that thought as we perused my preferred Value Village location, carefully avoiding the oh so tempting blazer section.

Again, I mused on this point as I edited the outfit pictures from the last week. Of the four pictures, I had a strong preference for two outfits that featured blazers, which made me feel powerful and pulled together over the two outfits that featured cardigans that made me feel shapeless and schlumpy.

Today, I'll show you the cardigan outfits, taken out of comparison with the blazers, in order to examine them in their own merit.

And yes, the pink with the red belt was my Valentine's day outfit, worn in participation with EBEW - despite posting a week late, and therefore not eligible to link up, I still played along!!

Check back on Thursday to see the blazers. I will note, that since taking count, I did weed out 4 blazers... expect to see those on a Monday post soon!

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  1. I think jackets are like dresses, each one is wildly different and can be styled a bunch of different ways. Plus you're right, they do create structure. I didn't understand jackets for 22 years. Finally I got started and I have 7 jackets and 3 coats accumulated this year alone.

    Congrats on weedling things down.

    Your Valentine's day outfit is really cute.


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