Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Louis Riel, you rock my socks

A few years ago, following the trend of our neighbouring provinces, Ontario and Saskatchewan, Manitoba decided to create a new holiday. While it was set the same weekend as the generically named "Family day" found in other provinces, Manitoba sought input from elementary schools for the name of this glorious mid-winter long weekend. Despite the day having no firm grounding in history, we now proudly celebrate Louis Riel* day. And by proudly celebrate, I mean we sleep in, drink our double-doubles (which is Canadian for "I want 2 containers of cream and enough sugar to make me diabetic in my coffee, please), and continue to procrastinate everything we wanted to get accomplished that weekend.

And that is why this post is so late.

*Depending on whose version of prairie history you want to read, Louis Riel was either the first prairie hero, or the first prairie terrorist. Since being honoured through the naming of this random long weekend, the balance has swung in his favour. Ok,that may be a huge oversimplification.

All right, back on track. Here's this week's "cut"

Why did I buy it?
It an attempt to bring pattern into my life, I just started buying everything that was patterned and on sale.

Why it worked?
I wore it a lot. I liked it. It reminded me of scrubs, but hopefully more flattering.

Why didn't it work?
It requires ironing, and it can only really be styled one way.

How have I worn it?

What will happen to it?
I've passed it on to my sister - it's more her than me, I think.


  1. LOL, I love the holiday you get to celebrate!!

    Cute shirt, but again, I can understand if it's limiting it is sometimes better to cut it loose!

  2. I think today's supposed to be "President's Day" here in the US. Only the college didn't let out (although I just realized the freaking mail isn't running today URG!)

    I like the top, but I can see the difficulty. Those really deep V neck tops are cute in theory, but are difficult when it comes to layering.

  3. Cute top- your sis is lucky you're sharing with her! Happy Louis Riel Day! Family Day here- whatever it is I'm just happy for a day off!


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