Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feb 11 - 17th

It was a long week - mostly because I started my work week on Sunday, not Monday. I complained to Tiffany that working all week, keeping up with school work, and trying (and failing) to keep my life together was hard... and then realize she does all that AND is a mother, so I feel bad for complaining. I have this constant feeling of accomplishment, being so busy, but no feelings of relief, nor really anything tangible to show for it! (Hence yesterday's missing post)

I think the sudden busyness has really made me love my random opportunities to snap photos of random part of my day - a moment to find beauty in the chaos.

Like the random pieces of history scattered along the day - from the painted advertising of the Nutty Club, to the City of Winnipeg crest on the base of the streetlights downtown

Even though we live right on a major thoroughfare / highway, we're not far from a great little residential area with some great trees and green spaces (ok, white spaces, it is winter)

I even had a day when benches just looked beautiful, whether waiting for the bus, or boarding it (please note: Winnipeg does have a number of newer buses, just the express routes, since they don't run all day, tend to get whatever left in the garage)

And even the cityscape itself, whether it's construction at the MTS exhibition hall, or the Manitoba Hydro building.

And, of course, this find was just adorable!


  1. Dude it takes it's toll. Dave also worked full time and school full time for 5.5 years. He'd leave at 7am and get home at 11:30 everyday it doesn't leave you time to even do laundry or eat three meals a day. Complain away!!!! Think how good it will feel when your done!

  2. I love the photo of the old bus seat- I'll have to visit Winnipeg at some point- it looks beautiful!


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