Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 18-24th

It would be easier to post pictures of my week if I could post pictures of my niece - we hung out 3 times this week, which is pretty much more than I hung out with Scott. We had fun - feeding the vultures (aka her cats), building block statues and eating pancakes

I also had a very weird day waiting for the bus. Not only was Queen Elizabeth wandering the street with a couple foot guards (a common sight at Winnipeg Jets games), but all transit information was down, leaving countless amazed and confused.

And of course, there was a massive dump of snow right before I was set to drive to my parents place. While the roads mostly cleared up (the roads themselves were good - the snow reducing the visibility above them was not), I needed my energy for the drive. I slipped into the nearest McDonalds... only to discover my usual treat of a happy meal now came with the itty-bittiest size of fries. Yes, I realize childhood obesity is a horrifying reality, but come on! What about us kids at heart who only spoil themselves once and a while?!?!

(Note: I did not take either picture while my vehicle was in motion. And the snow picture? That was from the day before. I would have rather driven through that)


  1. Why is the queen at Jets games a thing? And also why didn't I think of it?

  2. The tiny box of fries makes me sad. :( I keep reading about my blogger friends like you battling the snow right now, and it makes me want to load everyone into a plane and fly you guys to San Francisco. It's 70 degress here. We should have mandatory vacations every winter. I don't know how I survived Chicago winters for so long before I moved.

    The queen's looking pretty good for her age! :)


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