Monday, February 6, 2012

It's about growing up

How are people feeling about this whole blog re-orientation thing? I'm not feeling it yet. It kind of feels like I went from: "I am only my clothes" to "Oh my goodness I am trying to say I'm a well rounded person but really am just coming across as scattered". So leave a comment telling me what you like, what you don't like, etc.

Anyway, about the whole organization thing, I'm certainly early in the "getting life together" plan. Scott and I finally sat down and divided up our regular cleaning chores. It's a little Scott-heavy, but that's to counteract the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly non-cleaning tasks I do, like buying groceries, paying bills, and, I'm guessing, doing taxes. Who else isn't looking forward to that. Anyway, I made the list all pretty like:

We'll see how well we actually do executing it.

Anyway, onto the thing I'm getting rid of this week.

Why did I buy it:
It was super cheap ($4) and I loved the eyelet pattern

What was good about it:
I love this colour of green. Once upon a time, it used to make my eyes look green.

What isn't so good:
Something about empire waists and hoods just say "childlike"

How have I worn it:
 What will happen to it:
Any takers? No? Back to Value Village.


  1. I love your list! I need to do that with my hubby, lol! I like your green top, but I understand why you don't like it anymore. It looked best with the belts I think!

  2. I like the new blog format! It's great to see what you're interested in and doing lately... don't worry about it making sense or having an order maybe. I like the variety!! (and the elvish tunic :P)

  3. I think dividing up the chores really helps. I finally started delegating the things the Hubs knows how to do or make to him so I would stop being so crazy. It's much easier to do laundry when someone else sticks it in the wash and brings it in. I don't mind folding/putting away, but I hate going into our garage. I cook and do dish related things. We trade off on bathroom related cleaning and vacuuming.

    I like more life-centric blogs. I get so many ideas from people about how to make my life better, easier, happier.

  4. Wow a chore list- now that's organized! My man and I just have our regular chores (him the kitchen, me everything else, mostly because it's all my things scattered everything!) Keep us posted on how the list goes and maybe I'll have to adopt it! Pretty green top but sometimes when we buy something so chealpy (as are most thrifted pieces) we bore of them easily.


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