Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Motivation fail.

I haven't done anything even remotely exercise related in a long time. I'm so out of shape, I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle holding my friend's newborn baby over the weekend.

Pants as limp as my intentions
I've stopped buying snacky foods, but find myself making cookie dough in "single serving" sizes, just to eat it raw (1 part butter, 2 parts sugar, 3 parts flour, a smattering of chocolate chips - doesn't bake up well, but so little effort, and tastes great raw. Shhh... don't tell Healthy Cara I told you the recipe!)

I've made Tim Hortons a fairly regular stop while I wait between buses.

These weekly "Wednesday Wellness" blog posts should have been decent enough motivation, but we all know how non-exercise related they have been as of late. Accountability? What's that? (Did anyone else get some Blink 182 stuck in their head just now? No? Just me who is stuck in 1999?)
I've even gone so far as to buy a pair of pants that SHOULD fit me, but are a smidgen too tight. Even knowing 8 glasses of water and a dozen or so squats a day will get me into these pants in less than a month is failing to motivate me.

Instead, I'm resorting to religious tradition. Today marks the first day of Lent. As penance for my lazy and slothful ways, I have decided that I'm going to use these 40 days as an opportunity to begin healthier, productive habits. Specifically, I am giving up my snooze button. Waking up and getting out of bed a full 30 minutes earlier (ok, 27. My snooze button only provides a 9 minute reprieve) should not only give me enough time to, say, get in a glass of water and maybe a dozen or so squats, it should also give me plenty of time to eat a balanced breakfast.

What do you do when even the best of intentions falls short?


  1. Love your idea of fitting a well-balanced breakfast for lent. I've never given up or changed something for the lent season...I usually find out a week in that it's started! LOL! Perhaps I should give it a go this year?!

  2. I hear you on the motivation thing, it's so hard sometimes! I skipped my workout this morning and now I'm feeling guilty too - I do think something like Lent is a good motivational tool!

  3. Okay so I don't know your history with weight, but you have always seemed very healthy and slim. My motivation comes from the fact that I have NOT always been healthy. I was HUGE after my daughter was born and it was HARD work losing that weight. I'm motivated by the desire to never allow myself to go back there again, because I know just how easily I could...

  4. I was reading Melissa's comment, and I think it's the same for you as it is for me - it's not a weight thing, it's a fitness thing. Like how my arms are basically noodles. I don't really have any helpful idea on motivation, just that I have to keep exercise regularly enough that I would become cranky if I didn't.

    Off topic, but I kinda love your clothes rack. Where did you get it?

  5. I've been struggling with motivation lately too, Cara, and I've watched my weight creep up about 5 lbs in the last year. Not a huge amount, but because I was once heavy, it scares me - I don't ever want to go back.

    My best motivation is to set a goal, either something I'm going to accomplish, or setting myself a reward. For example, I've set a goal that if I can lose 7 lbs, go to all my Weight Watchers meeting, and then maintain that 7 lb loss for a minimum of 2 weeks, I'm allowed to book my next tattoo appointment.

    You could sign yourself up for a fun run in the spring - that might motivate you to get your fitness going. I've registered myself for the local 10K in April - and I know that in order for me to do well (because I can't just be a slacker and have a crummy time!), I need to go for regular walks.

  6. I like how you are proposing new goals for yourself for lent. I still haven't decided what to give up or what to do more of this lent. However, your idea of being healthier sounds like a good one! I might just do the same :)

  7. Ugh, I know where you're at right now.

    I do something different when one thing isn't working. At the start of the year, I was CERTAIN I was going to go swimming once a week. I did it for about a month and a half, before the pool schedule interfered with my own.

    Yesterday the Hubs and I finally invested in the Kinect. I used to stay fit by playing DDR. I was very in shape back then, but I have since gained weight and huff and puff going up too many stairs. We got Just Dance 1&2. I'm so sore today, but I plan to at least practice a couple of songs. It's right in my room, it's fun (but exercise), and now I've made the damn investment in the machine so I better do it!

    I think knowing what works for you also helps. I know I like dancing, I like music, so I'll probably keep it up. If I bought myself a pair of dumbbells, they would become really weird paperweights.

    Anyway, wishing you the best of luck with the snooze button. I think shaking yourself awake earlier will set you on a good track, and you'll feel better being more awake in the mornings.

  8. Oh my gosh, I've been bitten by the lazy bug too. My pants are getting really tight. It's like I'm hibernating for the winter, but I can't use that as an excuse because it's 70 degrees today here in San Francisco.

    I have a bag of vegan chocolate chips sitting in the refrigerator. I was supposed to make oatmeal trail mix bars with them, but instead I've been eating them by the handful right out of the bag.

    I've been getting up a half hour earlier this week. I get more done in the morning, but I still need to work on my diet. You're not the only person I know who sets healthy eating goals for Lent!


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