Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Partial Victory

We went through an internal audit of our workplace a month or two back, and one of the questions was: "how you do measure success". While it was an interesting exercise to compare answers as a workplace about our business practices, I think I got more out of it examining it at a personal level. I think success is always being able to distinguish a need from a want, and always being able to supply the first, and practice wise judgement on the second. I believe success is achieving goals, celebrating them, and setting the next goal. I believe success is being surrounded by family - both in the literal and figurative sense. I believe success is knowing what brings you enjoyment in your life, and taking the time to appreciate it.

But my thoughts on success are very philosophical. It's hard to always tell if you're succeeding in real life. On the one hand, I'm being very successful in my Lenten goal of abolishing the snooze button. I am getting out of bed within a couple minutes of the alarm going off (sometimes you just need a quick morning snuggle), I'm having time for breakfast and I'm even getting in a bit of exercise. From that angle, my goal seems to be a success!

On the other hand, my brain still seems to have found a magical loop hole in this whole Lenten challenge. I'm not allowed to lazily doze for half an hour AFTER my alarm goes off, so my body decides to wake up half an hour earlier to lazily doze for that same period of time. I can't seem to avoid that 30 minutes of lying in bed, dreading the day, festering over problems that are likely not to happen, but seem inevitable in the hazy grey of morning.

I'd start getting out of bed that half an hour earlier, if I didn't fear that my brain would awake half an hour before that, and the trend of lazing and loathing would continue on. Instead, I'll reason it's only been a week, and maybe, with time, my body will learn to sleep fully until it is time to wake up. It's best to celebrate the partial victories than to focus on the partial failures.

How you do measure success?


  1. I measure success by doing what I need to do. I don't know any better way to say it than that.

    Congrats on working towards your goal. I always wake up before my alarm, but I prefer having that snooze time.

    I feel less harried if I have 10 extra minutes to spend staring into space or that extra time standing in the shower. I hate those few days I oversleep and have to rush.

    I also think success is measured in happiness. We may not always wind up where we want, but I try to always "reward" myself for finishing a paper early with a movie or taking the time to cook something at home by making it something extra delicious.

  2. The way my busy life has taken over me, success to me right now at this moment is just getting through the day, lol! Heather


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