Thursday, February 9, 2012

Safety Net

I haven't cooked a full meal in so long that I feel rather guilty, especially after I justified slanting the cleaning list heavier on Scott because, I supposedly do so much more than him in other areas. Really, my brain just doesn't work these days because it's too busy dealing with other "stuff". In fact, I am about 90% sure I won't do everything on my weekly cleaning list. Do you ever find that when life gets difficult, even the simplest tasks seem monumental?

Anyway, I'm glad I still have my safety net of outfit pics. I wore this outfit last Friday. Earlier that week, a girl had shown up at work with her cardigan inside out - something we've all likely done once or twice. We joked around about it, and it reminded me of this shirt - and how often I wear it backward (like in this pic!). So far, no one has found me out, so I'm going to keep pretending it was designed this way!


  1. I wouldn't have even guessed it was backward! I love the blazer - pinstripes are awesome!

  2. Wearing things "wrong" is fun. :) Dress as a shirt, yes. Skirt as a top, yes. Shirt backwards, yes. You look fabulous! Email me if you wanna vent and get some of that "stuff" off your chest.

  3. Cute top! I love stumbling across pieces that can worn in different ways. Only I'm a creature of habit and tend to always wear them the same. I love how your socks match.

  4. It's a cute top, you would never know it was backwards. Great blazer too!


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